A Guide to Canadian Casino Preferences: Ranking the Top Games

With the continued growth of the Canadian casino industry, it can be only natural to want to question what the top types of games to play are.

The iGaming niche of this sector has changed massively over the last couple of years, with provinces across the Great White North having created and passed new legislation. Ontario is a big example in which this has happened, with the C-218 Bill allowing for single-game betting to take place when it was passed in April 2022.

The industry is expected to be worth a massive US$2.61 billion in 2024, but this number is only expected to escalate further. It is believed it could be as big as US$3.35 billion by 2028, which is a rate of 6.44% over the four-year period in terms of its annual compound growth.

Games loved by Canadian casino players

Given the amount of money that is expected to be raised and generated across the iGaming industry. Many will ponder what type of games being played, which ones are favored the most, and which games continue to attract interest and attention.


These games continually make up the vast majority of an online casino’s gaming library, with a lobby often able to feature thousands of different titles.

Players enjoy slots because of their simplicity, as well as their immersion. Video slots can keep gameplay simple as they require players to just click a ‘Spin’ button and not do much else. At the same time, Canadians enjoy these games because they can be more interactive with the visuals they deploy.

A game can feature a story that can be followed, which can keep them engaged and want them to continue playing. They can become emotionally invested, which will make them spend more money without necessarily thinking about doing so.

Live Casino

Technology’s impact on the iGaming industry has been significant. None more so than in terms of the games that are now available. With players continually craving realistic experiences, live casino variants have become a huge attraction for Canadian players looking for authenticity and realism.

A good live casino option will provide individuals real human dealers, live gameplay, and immersive graphics that make them feel as though they are there.  Unibet’s online casino accepts wagers from players in Canada for those looking to find a top option that provides everything from blackjack to roulette and everything in between.

Table Games

Table games and instant-win options – scratchcards – can be very popular with Canadian players using an online casino. These games will often provide a simple experience and one that does not require too much skill or strategy.

These games can also provide a level of familiarity to those who wish to obtain a classic session, thus helping to highlight their popularity and high ranking among Canadians.

What factors can appeal to Canadians?

As there are so many options to choose from nowadays, Canadians can often choose based on several different factors. These can include things like their preferences, but they can also be influenced by other aspects that may not always be first thought of.

Players will often choose games that match their interests. This makes them more appealing, which will have a greater likelihood of keeping them engaged and wanting to play. This is why slots will always remain highly ranked among the player base.

Slots will continue to be the best type of casino game to play because they are simple to understand. These games do not need to exert much effort or brain power to be played as those games normally just require a click of one button. They can also be very simple as to the gameplay itself. They do not oblige people to learn intricate rules or to attempt to apply tactics that may enable them to maximize their win possibility.

What will you choose?

As a Canadian casino player, it is more likely that you already have a favorite type of game. But, if you don’t have much experience in the industry and have never tried yourself what iGaming has to offer, what kind of game would you most probably play?

Maybe it will be among those that are highly rated by her fellow natives.

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