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A Beginners Guide to Why a Bottom Mount Fridge is an Excellent Option

There are times in every household when it is time for an upgrade. It might be new furnishings that are required, or perhaps those with a creative touch might get out the tool set and carry out some DIY or utilise the paint brushes and update the décor.

Technology continues to advance at a great rate of knots, which sees home appliances being replaced more regularly. While there might be the clamour for new gadgets and home entertainment systems, there is an essential in the kitchen that keeps food fresher for longer and ensures that drinks are cooler while watching a favourite TV series or cheering on a sports team.

Making the selection isn’t always easy, with so many different designs and brands available on the market. Therefore, it would make total sense to choose a product such as a bottom mount fridge which is produced by Australia’s award-winning manufacturer, especially when it can be ordered online and comes with free delivery. But what exactly is a bottom-mount fridge?

In basic terms, it is a fridge in two parts. The upper section keeps food fresh and cool at eye level, where they are most likely to be required more often, while the bottom section is a freezer for goods that are only occasionally required and are more likely to be placed there for a long time so that there is always some backup food when other supplies run out. The design is very popular because it is quick and easy to grab essentials without the need to bend down each time, which is especially appreciated by those who are not as agile as they once were. The frozen items are often a little heavier, so with them being stored near the floor there is no danger of dropping them a great height.

Before making an order, it is always a good idea to ensure that the kitchen area where the fridge will be placed has enough space to accommodate it. Also, considering any fixed island tables is also wise so that there are no obstructions when taking out the shelves for cleaning or when it comes time to defrost the unit. Size is also a factor depending on who will be using it, with full families requiring bigger fridges than a couple.

Because of the design, there is a full width to store items, which is handy when large pizza boxes go inside, while a bottom-mount fridge is considered by many to offer greater energy efficiency. Because warm air rises, those fridges with freezers on the top must work that bit harder than those with the ice-cold section at the bottom. Talking of designs, there are many stylish options available that add to the aesthetics of the kitchen as well as performing an excellent job.

Choosing a fridge from a leading manufacturer which offers a wide range of styles and designs will guarantee food and drinks are kept at the right temperature for longer, adding to the kitchen.

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