7 Tips To Hire An LED Video Wall To Improve Your Next Event in the UK

For an event organiser, it is essential to make the event successful. Whether the event that the organiser is hosting is a conference, play or concert, the organiser has to pay attention to each detail of the event. To make an event successful and give the audience a wonderful and joyful moment, an event organiser has to use Stage lighting, LED lighting, and Audio Hire.

Moreover, All these lighting and Audio hires allow the organiser to attract the focus of the audience to the motive of the event. Also, These decorations create an environment according to the tone of the event.

LED Video Wall Hire also plays an important role in defining the success of the event. Organisers can use them for indoor conferences or outdoor concerts. These video walls allow the audience to see the performer on the big screen and develop a connection with the performer.

Importance of LED Video Wall Hire

These LED video walls play an important role in developing a connection between the audience and the performer. The audience can see the performer of the event on the screens and feel like he is performing next to them. Also, these video walls show immersive and vibrant displays that help the organisers create a visually stunning backdrop.

Moreover, these LED video walls can also be used to show a presentation at a conference so the audience can clearly see the motive and the vision of the presenter. From Corporate conferences to Live performances, these video walls help the organiser create an environment where the audience can enjoy every breath.  The use of LED video wall technology in an event allows the event organisers to leave a long-lasting impression on the audience.

Tips to Hire LED Video Wall Services

Before hiring LED video wall services, it is important for an event organiser to analyze the condition of the event. The event planner can decide whether he has to host the event indoors or outdoors.  Also the size of the LED wall also plays an important role. So, analysing all these factors helps the planner tackle all the obstacles and makes him make the event successful.

Here are the tips that event planners must analyse before organising the event.

Knowledge of Audience Size

Knowledge of the size of the audience plays an important role in defining the use of the LED video wall.  For an organiser, it is important to understand the audience size. If 10,000 people gather at an event and there is no LED wall used, then the audience will not be able to feel a connection with the event’s motive.

Moreover, if the audience is gathered of the same size and the LED wall used is not large enough for the audience, Then this also gives a bad impression of the event. So, the screen used by the organiser is large enough that the audience can see the performance. Either they are standing near the stage or far away.

Right Size Of LED Wall

After making the analysis about the audience size, it is important for an organiser to understand what size of LED wall will suit the event. An event planner has to select the appropriate size of the LED for the event. The selected wall is not large enough that it occupies all the space or is so small in size that the audience will not be able to see the performer.

Moreover, the selection of the right size helps the organiser create an environment where the audience can fully enjoy the moment while seeing the performance on a big screen.

Weather Plan

For an organiser, the most important part is understanding the weather statistics for the UK. The weather in the UK changes a few times a day. Sometimes the weather is cloudy, sometimes it’s rainy, and sometimes it’s a sunny day. So before organizing the event, knowledge of the weather forecast is important for the organiser.

Based on the weather forecast, An event planner decides whether he has to display LEDs outside or in a hall. If the theme of the event requires that it is to be planned outside, then the organiser must ensure that a cover protects LED.  This LED wall is protected from weather conditions as well as it might not affect the visibility of the audience.

 Pixel Pitch For LED Wall

After analysing the weather conditions, it is essential for the organiser to understand the Pixel pitch. Pixel pitch defines the distance between two LED pixels on the screen. The smaller the distance between the pixels, the more the resolution of the wall is.

Moreover, the larger the distance between the LED lights, the less the resolution of the wall is. So, it is important to understand the proper Pixel Pitch for the event. Having a proper Pixel pitch allows the organisers to deliver good image quality to the audience. So it will help the organisers to create an environment where the audience can enjoy the event with clear resolution and good image quality.

Think About Mobility

If the organiser is planning an event outside, then he must have to understand the LED wall mobility. With mobility, LED is transported to various locations within the event location.  It helps the organisers shift LED video walls to different locations to address the audience at different places.

Moreover, LED wall mobility helps the organisers to provide clear screens in case of outdoor events and sports tournaments.

Maintain Audience Engagement

After analysing all the aspects, it is important for the organiser to engage the audience even before the event. Organisers can use these LED video walls to initiate the curiosity of the audience about the event.

They can also display event information, sponsor messages or engaging visual content. The audience gets interested in the event and makes it successful.

Get LED Wall Support Service

For planning an event, it is important for the organiser to find a vendor that provides LED video Wall Hire services in the UK.  Finding a vendor that provides all support services is important. Some companies only provide equipment and make the organiser set up.

Hiring a support service vendor will allow the organisers to make the event successful. Such vendors will provide installation and operational services to the clients. Moreover, if any issue happens between the events, such vendors resolve the issues without disturbing the crowd. So, selecting a support service vendor is important to make an event successful.

Wrapping Up

Using an LED video wall helps the organisers create an environment that will deliver the message of the event. At the same time, attaining the focus of the clients on the event. But for an organiser, it is important to understand the tips on how to use an LED video wall, what is the appropriate size of the wall and whether the event is planned inside or outdoors.

After analysing all these factors, organisers have to finalise the LED video wall with a vendor with customer support. So, if any issue occurs between the events, then it will be resolved with ease.

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