6 Jobs Where Visible Tattoos Are Frowned Upon

You may think that the world is becoming a more liberal place and, while that is true to some extent, there are still some taboos. This is often true in the world of work where a dress code or uniform is often in place and things such as visible body piercings and tattoos are frowned upon. Some hiring managers won’t offer the job to someone with visible tattoos, even if they are the best candidate. Here are six jobs where visible tattoos are frowned upon.


Banking is still seen as a traditional job that frowns upon visible tattoos. There is a strict vetting process in force for banking positions as you must be trusted with people’s money. You are unlikely to get your foot in the door if you have visible tattoos.

Real Estate Agent

If you want to get a job for a reputable real estate agency, it is best not to have visible tattoos. You will spend your days dealing with the public face-to-face and there is a lot of prejudice among buyers and sellers when it comes to tattoos. As your job relies on being paid commission, visible tattoos are a no-no.


Teachers have strict regulations when it comes to what they wear. Although there is no uniform in place, anything that might cause offence or be seen as out of the ordinary is taboo in the teaching world. Therefore, teachers often wear plain colours that blend into the background.


A police officer is a figure of authority and tattoos have a reputation as being quite anti-authority. It is no surprise that police officers are expected to be able to cover up any ink while they are on duty.


A member of the military is another figure of authority. They have a reputation to uphold and cannot be seen to display anything that would cause alarm or offence to others. Something that may not be offensive in Australia could be seen differently elsewhere in the world. To play it safe, the military can’t display tattoos.


A receptionist is the face of the company they work for. They must be well-groomed and have a smart appearance. They are not allowed to have visible tattoos.

Finding a Job When You Have Tattoos

If you are unsure whether your visible tattoos will hinder your job search, there are fortunately a few options. Firstly, you may have to look for a position in an industry where they are less strict about tattoos. The creative industry tends to allow visible tattoos if you are the best person for the job. Another option is to have your tattoo removed. Tattoo removal in Brisbane is cost-effective and easy to use. Companies here can ensure your visible tattoos are eradicated and help you to land your dream job.

There are a few jobs you will struggle to land if you have visible tattoos, but there are options available if you’re determined enough.

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