You Got Mail! 5 Ways to Save on Postage and Shipping Costs

Are you looking to save on postage? If you run a business or send packages regularly, you’ll know that shipping costs can add up quite quickly. Not only can this expense adversely affect overhead costs, but it can also cut into profit.

The good news is there are several things you can do to save on these expenses. If you want to know the top secrets, keep scrolling because, in this article, we are going over the top 5 ways you send mail and packages while saving money.

1. Avoid Using US Mail When You Can

Go through all of your documents, invoices proposals, and other mailing items and consider using email instead. Email is the fastest way to get things from one user to another.

Many businesses are going paperless. This reduces your shipping costs, and it also helps the environment. You can even sign documents through PDF format and use encryption to keep your emails private and secure.

2. Watch the Pricing When Shipping Boxes

Shipping costs are normally determined by weight, destination, and the size of the box. Compare your shipping costs with other postal services.

Some shipping companies will give you a better price by letting you ship an item for a flat price that fits in a certain box.

3. Charge for Shipping

If you run a business, create an option where the buyer pays for shipping. Since shipping costs depend on location, it will be more expensive the further you have to ship.

If you’re moving products regularly, you’ll eliminate your shipping costs, bringing more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

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4. Use Bulk Mail

Bulk Mail is a service offered by the Post Office which lets you send mail in bulk quantities over time. You may need to obtain a permit depending on your local postmaster. Sending in bulk can help you save money because you send more mail for a flat rate.

This option is a good money saver if you are selling products in bulk.

5. Consider Priority Mail

If you are sending documents that don’t need a signature or don’t need to be shipped overnight, consider using priority mail or registered mail.

In most cases, sending priority mail will only cost a few cents if your recipient doesn’t care about waiting 3-5 days. Priority Mail or registered mail cost will save you money compared to regular mail.

Saving on Shipping Cost Should Be Your Priority

When you run a business, you need to have priorities. Make your priorities be in reducing shipping costs. If you’re not careful, your shipping costs could eventually cut into your overhead costs as well as your profit.

By using the tips, we’ve talked about in this article, you can reduce your shipping costs and save you money in the long run.

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