5 Important Tips for Conducting the Interview Process

Do you need new hires at your business? Are you struggling with creating a hiring process that works for you?

Corporate jobs attract an average of 250 applications per posting, so it’s important for the process to be as smooth as possible.

We’ve got the top tips for a successful interview process.

1. Don’t Pre-Judge The Candidates

There may be something specific you’re looking into for your new employee. But, it’s important not to judge people in advance.

While you should make sure your interviewees have the technical skills you need, on other fronts, it’s important to keep an open mind. You don’t need candidates who went to a particular school or have a particular background, as long as they have the experience you need.

2. Keep it Casual

Having too formal an interview process will make it hard for you to truly understand who your candidates are or get a sense of what they would be like to work with. So, try and keep your interview style more casual, and stay away from the strict button-uped suit and tie thing.

Consider taking your candidates around the office, so you can see how they interact with people and the environment, for example.

3. Watch Out For Unconscious Biases

You shouldn’t be passing over good candidates based on unconscious biases. Most of us have these, and it’s important to acknowledge them so that you can work through them.

If you’re not aware of your unconscious biases, look into unconscious bias training and make sure that you’re educating yourself in other ways.

4. Make The Process Clear and Transparent

Many companies lose out on good employees because they make their application and hiring process difficult and put too many hurdles in the way. If possible, you should be laying the interview process out in the job description, so applicants know what to expect.

If you plan to make your interviewees take competency tests, for example, make sure that’s noted in the job posting. If you plan to have several rounds of interviews, make sure that’s explained as well.

5. Work Together

You won’t be the only person affected by your new hire. Lots of different people with have to work with this person and interact with them every day. So, why don’t you get more people involved in the hiring process? That way, you’ll be able to get different perspectives and thoughts.

You can also use collaboration to find people to interview in the first place. Allow your employees to refer people they think would be a good fit for your company. These people are likely to be more educated about what your company does, and have a stronger basis to get started more quickly.

If you need more help with your hiring process, check out this link:

Optimize your Interview Process For Your Needs

With these tips and tricks, your interview process will go smoothly. And, you’ll have the hire you need on your team.

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