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5 Common Home Security Errors and How to Avoid Them

Millions of property crimes are reported to the FBI every year. This is because property crime makes up almost 85% of all crime in the country.

Knowing common home security errors is essential to protect yourself and your loved ones. Here is what you should know about the home security system and keeping your loved ones safe from vulnerabilities.

Common Home Security Errors

Family safety and protecting your home are the primary purposes of installing a home security system. These include detecting burglary, carbon monoxide poisoning, water damage, smoke, and fire.

The right alarm system software can deter crime and create a safer neighborhood for all. Find local home security here for the best protection services.

1. Door and Window Locks

One of the biggest mistakes people make is forgetting to lock their windows and doors. Burglars often look for soft targets.

If you have an open window or an unlocked door, they can easily break into your property. You should always check the locks, even if you are gone for a few minutes.

2. Hiding Keys Outside

Many think they are clever by leaving a hidden key outside the house. This is one of the easiest ways for burglars to break in. They know many people leave their keys under a flowerpot, fake rock, or welcome mat.

If you are concerned about getting locked out, leave your keys with a neighbor or a trusted friend. Alternatively, you can install a keyless entry system since smart locks are affordable.

3. Unoccupied Homes

Going on a holiday can be a great adventure, but you should be careful not to announce it to everyone you run into in the neighborhood. Even if you have a newspaper or magazine subscription, you should put it on hold before you leave for vacation.

Get your local post office to keep your mail on hold as well. This way, burglars will not think that you have an empty home that they can go Oceans 11 on while you are snorkeling in the Bahamas.

4. Too Much Cover

Do you have large bushes growing around your backyard? Are there poorly lit spaces that can act as a cover for burglars to hide? You should always trim trees and bushes away from your windows to ensure that the outside of your property is well-lit.

Consider investing in motion lights to deter criminals. Otherwise, installing security cameras is the most cost-effective option. Burglars tend to stay away from homes with security cameras to avoid video evidence.

5. Not Assessing Vulnerabilities

Many homeowners become complacent when it comes to home security. You may think you live in the safest neighborhood where nothing can happen.

However, you should always check your locks throughout the day and install the right home security system. Never forget to leave the window open even if it gets too hot at night, or you risk waking up to an empty house.

Protect Your Home Today

Now that you know the 5 most common home security errors, it is time to strengthen your home security. Assess the vulnerabilities in your home. This will help you find weak points that burglars can exploit.

Then you should proactively install extra locks and a security system to ensure that you always keep your loved ones safe. If you enjoyed reading this home security system guide, check out some of our other posts.

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