13 Great Sites for Students

Are you a student? Do you need to find resources that will help you with your schoolwork? If so, we have compiled a list of 13 great sites that aim to simplify the search for you. Whether it’s finding school supplies, useful websites or apps, or anything else in-between, these websites and apps are worth checking out!

13 Most Useful Websites and Apps for Students

1. Goodybook

Goodybook is an easy-to-use social media platform that lets students support each other by sharing their needs. You can also connect with professional educators, who can offer advice and answer all your questions about getting specific tasks completed. It’s free for students 12 years old and older! is a website that offers complete research papers, ebooks, and software for students.

2. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an excellent source for students as it contains referenced and up-to-date information. This site can be edited by people from all backgrounds, which means that the data is usually trustworthy. All you have to do is type in the subject you are interested in, and you will be provided with a large variety of articles.

3. TED Talks

TED Talks offers a massive database of educational videos and talks covering politics, science, psychology, technology, and design. The videos are about 20 minutes long and are meant to be inspirational or informative. Their website also offers a quiz section, where you can test what you learned from the video.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a platform that lets users share and keep track of things they like. This is another easy-to-use site for students and makes it easy for them to find resources for school such as recipes, DIY products, etc. It is also an excellent site for research or writing assignments!

5. Medium

Medium is great because it allows students to learn how to write in a formal setting, which will help with future job searches and interviews. It is also a platform where you can publish your writing, which means other people can read it and comment on your paper. Although you are the one who controls what is published, Medium also lets you choose who can see your work.

6. Tumblebook

Tumblebook lets you create written content using pictures that define each chapter and paragraph. You simply create a storyboard and add images to make the text come alive with visual examples of writing certain words or sentences. The website also provides an option for users to share their stories online or in-person after completing the project!

7. Inkling

Inkling is a platform that allows you to read and review textbooks online. If a major textbook publisher has an eBook available, you can access it through Inkling. It is an excellent alternative to expensive books and was designed by students for students!

8. Edmodo

Edmodo is an app that makes it easy for teachers and students to keep track of grades, attendance, assignments, tasks, or quizzes and give feedback about student progress or even connect with your classmates! Teachers can also use Edmodo to create classroom blogs to post information about upcoming assignments or projects.

9. Magu&trade

Magu&trade is an app with a great database of thousands of links that will help you with your homework. It also has a feature that allows you to create lists and share them with your friends or teachers. This can be easily accessed on their website, where they have a search bar that lets you find what you are looking for in seconds!

10. Duolingo

Duolingo is a free app that combines the convenience of technology with the fun of games and media to help students learn new languages. The students interact with images, written lessons, exercises, and games to learn how to read, write and speak Turkish or Spanish.It’s free, convenient, fun, and full of resources.

11. is a website that helps students to study for their tests and exams. It has over 6 million flashcards, complete-length practice tests, and interactive quizzes to help prepare you for your next exam or examination!

It’s great for students studying for exams, available for iPad and Android devices- great for students looking for exams, available for iPad and Android devices CONS- limited to college students only.

12. Moodle

Moodle is a free online learning management system (LMS). It has many features like discussion forums where students can discuss assignments or projects in real-time with other students or teachers, their blogs, access files, views their grades, and create profiles for each student within the class.

13. Brainscape

Brainscape is a free app that teaches students how to memorize things. You will have access to music, videos, quizzes, and various other resources to help you remember what you are learning or practicing. You will also be able to practice with games and other activities that will make it easier to memorize new things.


We are so confident that you will find the information on these websites helpful and valuable. We all want to do well in school, and it’s essential to have the right tools. Today we shared 13 great sites that can help you study smarter and get better rewards, so don’t forget to check them out!

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