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11 Ways to be Water Wise

Water is the life-blood of the planet. Every plant, animal, and human needs water to survive. When you look at the sea, you may think, how could there ever be a water shortage? But seawater isn’t safe to drink. Cleaning it and making it fit for human consumption, costs a lot of money. So, saving water at every turn should be everyone’s first concern.

In this article, we will look at ways to save water. The expert commercial plumbers Melbourne has suggest the following tips to be water-wise.

1. Don’t Let the Tap Drip or Run

The first step is to inspect your taps and pipes for any leaks. Leaky taps can waste a lot of water and end up costing you more than you realise. Do you let the tap run while you brush your teeth? Don’t! This is such a waste of water. Instead, use a cup to rinse your mouth once you are finished brushing your teeth.

2. Save Every Drop

If you ‘re one of those people that lets the tap run until the water gets hot, you are wasting water. Before opening the tap, make sure that you position a container to catch the cold water, so it doesn’t run down the drain. This water can be used to water your plants.

3. Reuse Water as Much as Possible

There is no reason that you can’t reuse certain water. Bathwater, for example, can be used to water the garden or flush the toilet. You can reuse dirty dishwater to flush the toilet too. Once you start implementing these tips, you will be surprised at how much water you can save and how your utility bill is affected.

4. Rinse Your Dishes Sensibly

If you don’t have a dual sink, rinsing your dishes after washing them can waste water. Instead of rinsing each individual dish under the tap, use a container of water to rinse the dishes. They are already clean so there is no need to use new water each time.

Once you’re finished doing the dishes, keep the water aside to flush the toilet.

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5. Keep Your Showers Short

The best way to make sure you keep your shower short is to set a timer. Set it for five minutes. That is more than enough time to wash yourself. Also, it’s not necessary to wash your hair every time you shower. If you prefer longer showers, invest in a water-wise shower head.

6. Repurpose Rain Water

When it rains, free, clean water, falls from the sky. All you need to do is catch it. Use a large container to collect as much water as possible. You could purchase a water storage tank to catch even more water and make for easy distribution where it’s needed. This water can then be used to wash your car, clean the windows, or water the garden.

7. Wash Your Laundry Responsibly

Don’t run the washing machine for one or two items. Always make sure you have a full load before switching on the machine. Also, when the machine releases the water, you should catch it, and repurpose it.

8. Hack Your Toilet

If you want to save water, a great way of doing so, is using this clever toilet hack. Simply place a 2L bottle filled with stones and sand, directly into the toilet tank. This will raise the water level in the tank. The toilet won’t need as much water to fill up.


Each time you flush, you will save up to 2L of water and for most flushes, there will still be more than enough water to remove all waste. If possible, use greywater to flush the toilet.

9. Upgrade Your Toilet

If you have an older toilet, it is probably time for an upgrade. Modern toilets have dual flushing options. One of the buttons uses less water. If you need a stronger flush, only then use the second button. Having options means you don’t need to use as much water every time you flush.

10. Use Greywater as Much as Possible

Greywater is the term given to water that has already been used. This water can be used to water the plants, wash your car or flush your toilet. Catch it, and reuse it to make a difference to the planet.

11. Test Your Water Meter

Some leaks aren’t visible to the naked eye. There can be leaks in the pipes, or underground. An easy way to identify if you have leaks is to perform a water meter test. Take a reading and then don’t use any water for approximately two hours.

Once the time is up, take another reading. If the reading has changed, this could mean that there is a leak that needs attention. If you can’t find the leak, it might be time to contact a professional. Leaks that are left unattended, not only waste water, but could cause other serious problems if left untreated.

The water meter at your place of business should also be checked. This falls under commercial plumbing Melbourne industries use. So, contact a commercial plumber to perform the test and look for any other issues.

Final Thoughts

Saving water is everyone’s responsibility. Using these tips will help you be waterwise and do your part as a responsible community member.

Can you think of any more water saving tips? Let us know in the comments.

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