Industrial vacuum cleaners are the mechanisms specifically designed for general cleaning in industrial settings, in addition to a number of other precise applications.


Industrial vacuums are no longer an ordinary heavy, awkward piece of tools that sucks dust. Over the past few years, the ever-changing technological advancements have evolved the yesteryear industrial vacuum cleaners into sophisticated works of cleaning tools ideally meant for many distinct types of unique applications.


Vacuuming can apprise approximately 20 percent of the total cleaning expense of the setting. The job of vacuuming, in most centers, is accomplished on a daily basis to get rid of dust, debris, gravelly soils and keep the space look hygienic, healthy, and useful. On the other hand, it also occupies a great deal of your time and dollars. Statistics say that an industrial cleaning team employs a vacuum cleaner for about 1 to 3 hours each day on average.

Looking at the amount of time and money used up on a single cleaning process, employing one of the most effective vacuum cleaners for each area of concern is crucially essential. Using the right vacuum machine in your setting can enhance worker productivity, lessen the cleaning time, and lower overall cleaning costs.

The key benefit of using an industrial vacuum cleaner is the proficiency and effectiveness of the cleaning team’s effort. You can handle the cleaning process with this unique tool more quickly, accurately, and in pretty lesser time than the traditional cleaning methods. Without any doubt, keeping your workplace clean and free from insects, dirt, or any allergens is vital.

Clean floors are essential for a setting’s visual appearance and the hygienic environment, health, and safety elements. A dirty and filthy area is likely to raise the risk of health-related issues that can bring business losses. However, it is ideal to invest in the right industrial vacuum cleaner for the business owners, including specialized options like hydro blasting solutions.

Here we will review the five major types of industrial vacuum cleaners to help you choose the right tool for your industry.

1. Pneumatic Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

These air operated industrial vacuum cleaners evacuates both dry and wet waste. They are the high powered vacuums, often employed for quick spill control in big warehouses and factories. Various applications utilize dry waste, such as plastics, specks of dust, abrasive blast media, and powders.

When coupled with the state-of-art reverse filter cleaning versions, the pneumatic industrial vacuum cleaners can function for extended periods without the need for filter changing. Based on the trash type, you can opt for a cyclonic separator to keep pace with most pneumatic industrial vacuum cleaners that help vacuums operate unendingly with no need to change or clean the filter.

2. Combustible Dust Vacuum

Combustible dust vacuum cleaners are precisely designed to get rid of explosive dust safely. It only requires a single spark to light a static charged dry waste and lead to an explosion. Taking safety into account, leading industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturers produce powered pneumatic vacuums that don’t have any moving parts or any other heat source, thereby preventing any explosion.

3. Explosion Proof Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Explosion Proof Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are air-operated vacuums capable of recovering both dry and wet waste. These high powered vacuuming tools are also used for quick spill management in warehouses and factories.

This system is powered from the pneumatic powerhead that provides compressed air to the explosion-proof twin venturi’s fixed to the galvanized steel lid beneath the silencer hood. Based on the inner baffles used, the sound signature lies between 89 and 95dB. If more power is required, the baffles utilized will be thinner, which to a certain extent raises the sound signature.

You can activate the reverse filter cleaning by disconnecting the power hose from the DLV unit, subsequently fixing the compressed air line into the second air fitting followed by turning the ball valve. This will provide compressed air to the reverse jets that will burst compressed air through the filter. A dust bag added to the DLV drum’s suction consumption catches most of the expelled dust from the filter.

This industrial vacuum cleaner’s unique mechanism prevents the drum from over pressurizing when in reverse mode since the pressure comes off through the throat of the venturis along with the exhaust vents.

4. Air Operated Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Air operated industrial vacuum cleaners are employed for high powered industrial pruning and are available with a standard steel drum lid. Once attached to the drum and compacted air, the mechanism turns the drum into a powerful vacuum cleaner that will effectively deliver three times the regular electric vacuum machine’s suction power.

The unit range starts with 28 cfm specifically designed for sump oils, sludge, coolant, general spills, slurry, and water. With just 28 cfm compressed air, an air-operated industrial vacuum cleaner is an inexpensive approach to drum lid vacuums’ power. On the contrary, the 220 cfm high powered explosion proof reverse pump-out model powered by twin venturi and integrating a layout that delivers pressure through the venturi sleeve to protect against overpressure during the reverse pump out. This air operated industrial vacuum cleaner is commonly utilized in the industry as a highly powered vacuuming system.

5. Air Operated Drum Lid Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Air operated drum lid industrial vacuum cleaners are precisely utilized for high powered industrial cleaning. This device includes a regular steel drum lid. It converts the drum into a powerful vacuum, which will provide three times the suction power of a typical vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning works are never simple. The process of eliminating the debris and cleaning the surfaces varies and are often specific to a cleaning process. Determining the provision for the ideal industrial vacuum cleaner can be challenging without the right help. Indeed, getting the right advice and tools will make the difference.

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