DDR2 Prices Spiking, DDR3 Memory Taking Over

DDR2 memory prices have been recently going up thanks to supply and demand catching up with the computer memory industry. Sets of DDR2 RAM that cost $40 just a month ago are now nearing $100. At the same time, DDR3 prices are falling slowly, as more computer enthusiasts use the new technology in desktop builds, and computer makers start to offer DDR3 memory in lower priced systems.

What this means for the computer memory industry is that DDR3 sales will be taking over DDR2 sales, and technology will be moving forward once again. DDR3 prices are now affordable and are still dropping. Due to this, much less people are buying DDR2, so the price is rising. DDR3 is about to become cheaper than DDR2 due to this effect.

If you need DDR2 memory it is best to buy now, before prices rise even more. As the technology gets older, demand will fall, and prices will rise. If you plan to keep DDR2 compatible motherboards for a while, stock up on the RAM. If you end up not needing it later, you will most likely be able to sell it at the same price you bought it for, or even higher, and make a profit. Now we wait for DDR4.

AMD ATI Radeon HD 5870 listed on Newegg

AMD has released the fastest video card ever, the ATI Radeon HD 5870. And now it has been listed on Newegg, and will be shipping on September 28, 2009.

The 5870 will have 2.15 billion transistors, DirectX 11 support, and 1600 stream processors, among other features. It will use a 40nm manufacturing process and use only 27W of power when idle. And to compare the 5870 to the 4890, the 5870 has more than twice the transistors and twice the stream processors. The video card will also be about 30% larger physically than the 4870.

Some of the 5870’s listed on Newegg include a free copy of Dirt 2. And the best thing about this GPU is that it’s only $380. This will push Nvidia not only to lower the prices of their current graphics cards, but to also speed up the development of their next generation graphics processors.

For a detailed look into AMD’s new ATI Radeon HD 5870, check out the article on Maximum PC.

image from newegg

Western Digital My Passport Elite Portable Hard Drive

The Western Digital My Passport Elite Portable Hard Drive is a portable storage device that offers a convenient solution for carrying large volumes of data. It is a remote access hard drive with high quality performance and specially designed for professionals. This hard drive is a 2.5 inch form factor and looks compact and stylish. It is designed with a matte finish, which is soft to touch and gives good grip on the palm. This drive has easy to use functions and could be directly connected with your laptop or computer without any additional setup. You can comfortably keep it in your pocket or handbag and carry it wherever you want. This Western Digital portable hard drive is equipped with hi speed USB 2.0 interface for data transfer and is also used for the power source. It directly gets its power from the USB interface and does not require any additional AC power adaptor.

It comes pre-formatted and has easy to use functions. This External HDD is equipped with simple operations and it can store 12500 mp3 songs, 220 hours of DVD quality video, 60 hours of HD video, 14200 digital photos, and 38 hours of digital video. You can actively share and view the data stored in this My Passport Elite hard drive and if you made any changes to the files or documents, this drive would synchronise all the changes back to your office or home computers.

It offers provisions for password protection using 128 bit encryption and supports both MAC and Windows computers. It is loaded with Google software and enables you to use the search with ease.

You can effectively manage your database and view it conveniently in the future. This drive has automatic backup software, which can take instant backups of emails.

It saves photo copies that can be viewed online, and takes backups of iPod contacts. When you connect this drive to your computer it automatically starts the process of backups.

You can check out the complete review and full specification details about Western Digital My Passport Elite Hard Drive at ExternalHardDrives.org.uk.

LG 26LG3000 HD Ready LCD Television

The LG 26LG3000 HD Ready LCD Television comes with a top swivel stand and has a 26 inch wide screen. It has the display format of 720p and comes with the resolution of 1366 x 768. This lcd television has a 16:9  Image Aspect Ratio and comes with widescreen modes that include zoom and Just function. It has a dynamic contrast ratio of about 15000:1 and comes with a 500 cd/m2 brightness level. It features a quick response time of about 8ms, which shows flicker free images and is suitable for watching fast action film scenes. It has a Progressive scan with double line facility.

This lcd television comes with a 170 Viewing Angle and has 60,000 hours Backlight Life. It has an analog TV Tuner, NTSC, and comes with a digital TV Tuner – QAM, ATSC. It is equipped with an MTS stereo reception system and it is an HD ready television with input video format up to 1080p. This television comes with five picture status modes such as standard, vivid, game, cinema, and sport. It has colour temperature controls including medium, cool, and warm. It has analog video input with an infrared remote control. You can support other connecting devices such as DVD, VCR, and satellite. This lcd television has 2 speakers with sound output modes and comes with Virtual Surround Sound Effects.

It provides options for audio control and comes with five modes of sound status. It has built in speakers with 2×5 W and comes with 2 HDMI connections. This LG 26LG3000 LCD TV features two Component video inputs, one VGA input, one S-Video input ( 4 pin mini-DIN ) and three Composite video/audio inputs.

It has one Serial ( 9 pin D-Sub ) with audio line-in ( RCA phono x 2 ). This lcd television comes with one Audio line-out with one Remote control and digital audio output (optical).

It has a one year warranty and the overall dimensions are 663.8 x 447.8 x 79, and weighs nearly 8.6 kg. It is beautifully finished with a black glossy finish and has a well built panel frame with wide screen format.

You can find unbiased LCD TV Reviews, Complete Specification details at LCD-TV-Reviews.org.uk.

Tech Product Deal of the Day: 25x 5mm bright white LED’s

This isn’t technically a deal of the day, since this price is the regular price that these LED’s go for on DealExtreme. Sure it takes a few weeks to receive the lights, but for $2.60 shipped it’s well worth it. There is an endless amount of things you can do with these. I made a bike light using 9 of them, and it can reach 20 feet ahead of me. That’s better than any $30 bike light. These are really bright and you can make a very nice light for around $5 that will outshine most $50 lights. I just ordered two 25 packs and will probably be getting more in the future. Just make sure to run them at the max voltage (I run them a bit over, at 3.5v or 3.6v). The link is below.

14000mcd 25Packs White 5Mm Led

And here is the 10 pack if you don’t need all 25. Also the LED specifications are on this page (scroll down).

Memory America

I was looking to upgrade my computer memory and I came across a site called Memory America. I was impressed by their wide selection of memory and hardware products. Not only do they sell memory and hard drives, but they also have batteries, video cards, optical drives, and networking equipment. For those of you with prebuilt computers, they sell memory that’s compatible with most major brands of computers, such as Apple, HP, Sony, and Dell computer memory. For my custom built computer, I chose some DDR3 that they had really cheap. I was impressed with the great price and the fast shipping. Soon I will need to buy another hard drive for my computer and I’m sure I’ll buy it from Memory America. And for those of you with enough money, they have 15,000 RPM hard drives too. So if you’re building up a computer or looking to upgrade yours, check out Memory America.