So what is Blockchain Technology?

So what is Blockchain Technology?


To understand Cryptocurrency it is necessary to first understand Blockchain Technology.

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology built on cryptography which in essence is really hard math. This makes it possible for every single Bitcoin transaction to be permanently hardcoded into a universal ledger which is hosted on all computer supporting the block-chain around the world. Now don’t worry you don’t have to be a math genius to profit from Bitcoin and other cryptos. What this means though is that no one can hide what they’re doing with their money. And at the same time it provides a high degree of anonymity.

Today we have online exchanges and even smartphone apps that allow us to buy sell and trade dozens of crypto currencies. We also have devices called hardware wallets that allow us to move your cryptos. This way we can store them in perfect safety.

One can literally carry millions of dollars in pocket and use it anywhere in the world. Bitcoin and other crypto currencies have become accessible to pretty much anyone. Bitcoin is just a small part of the disruptive revolution to come.

Blockchain technology will have an impact far greater than the internet ever could.

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