Fire vs. Nook: Different Strokes For Different Folks

The iPad 2 is pretty much the uncontested king of the tablet world, but an interesting discovery was made just a few weeks ago by DisplayMate. The company compared the iPad 2, which retails at $499, and the Nook Color and Kindle Fire which retail at $250 and $200, respectively. In a test of screen reflectiveness the Nook was found to have a less reflective screen than either of it competitors. It was half as reflective as the Kindle Fire and 28 percent less reflective than the iPad.

How else does the Nook Color stack up to the Kindle Fire? Well, the fantastic display is not the only bright spot for the Nook Color. The Nook has a 1.1 GHz Atom processor that tops out at 800 MHz so as not to destroy battery life too quickly. That adjustment seems to have worked as the Nook lasts for about eight hours of continuous use. This compares favorably with the Fire’s negligibly slower 1 GHz Texas Instruments OMAP processor. The Fire can be powered up for eight hours of continuous reading or seven-and-a-half-hours of video streaming.

The Nook allows access to about 170 apps, and the Kindle’s Amazon app store blows that number out of the water with access to a few thousand. The Kindle’s app selection still gets dwarfed by the Apple Mac App Store, which can run most of its 250,000 apps on the iPad or iPad 2.

At the end of the day, the perfect tablet for you depends on what you want to use it for. If you plan on using your tablet as an e-Reader and portable movie screen, the Nook, with its fantastic screen, might be the best option for you. The lack of a dedicated streaming video service on the Nook is a bit perplexing and while the device can run Hulu Plus for a $7.99 per month subscription fee, the offerings are not as wide as Amazon Prime, which can stream more than 10,000 movies and television shows for an annual subscription fee of $79. If selection of apps and access to Amazon Prime appeals to you, go with the Fire.

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