Home-made pulse laser gun

This guy made his own laser pistol that actually works. The gun uses capacitors to create a powerful charge that is then released to a 1MW laser. This is enough to shoot through thin metal. While maybe slightly dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, this seems like a very fun project, complete with the futuristic look. Check out the video:

Magicka Review

Magicka is currently available on Steam for $9.99. This is a great game with many unique elements to it. It is not an RPG or an MMO, although it might look like one. This video is a good example of the gameplay so you can see for yourself what this game is like. Magicka is well worth the $10 and has a rather funny campaign. Some quirks include random glitches for some people, but I have only experienced three glitches during around 10 total hours of play. The game also isn’t too optimized, as it requires a rather powerful computer for its graphics, which are very good by the way, but should not stress out my computer as much as Crysis does. Overall though, Magicka is a very fun game. Check out the video: