The 808 Keychain Micro Camera

If you’ve ever wanted a “spy camera” or a tiny camera for any purpose, now you can get one. The 808 Micro Camera is becoming very popular online right now, for the reason that it costs less than $10. And even at this price, the video results are amazing considering the physical size of the camera and its price.

There is so much information about this little camera that it’s ridiculous. People are using it for every purpose imaginable, from putting it on radio controlled airplanes and helicopters, to race cars, motorcycles, bicycles, helmet cams, and more. The camera is smaller than most car key fob remotes. It produces 640×480 video, although some models convert this to higher resolutions (that makes the video bigger but reduces quality and distorts the aspect ratio). The video quality is relatively very good, as seen on the previously mentioned website. Most models shoot at 30fps, which is also very good considering the size and price of this camera.

The reason this micro camera costs around $10 is that it’s made in China from unused cell phone camera parts. You can find it on eBay, where prices range from $6 to $50. The cheap ones are the same as the expensive ones, and the reason they’re so much cheaper is because they ship direct from China. The previously mentioned website lists some eBay sellers who sell the good version of the camera.

The #3 and #8 camera is the best. All current 9 versions of the 808 camera use different microprocessors and other components. If you want to buy the 808 micro camera, try to get one of these versions. The eBay sellers that sell these models are listed on the website, but don’t count on receiving the right version. I bought three cameras from user “linjiechong” on eBay, who at first said they were #3 cameras. I got all #8 cameras, one of which doesn’t work longer than about 10 seconds, the other takes very choppy and laggy video, and the third one seems to work normally.

The thing is that the 808 micro camera is so cheap that people don’t get too upset when one doesn’t work, they just buy a new camera. For the size and quality of the camera, at this price, it is worth it. I will be using it on a radio controlled helicopter, my motorcycle, and as a helmet cam for my mountain bike. And I’m sure there will be more uses for it as well.

This isn’t a review of the camera, it’s just an informational post to let more people know about it. You can use it in so many ways. The 808 micro camera is a great keychain cam, and if you want something like a helmet cam but don’t want to pay hundreds for something like a GoPro camera, the 808 video camera is the perfect solution. And if you destroy it, it won’t hurt your wallet too much to just buy a new one. If you have an 808 micro camera and have found a cool use for it, post it below.

Ecomparison Shopping With Voucher Codes

Ecomparison Shopping for Men’s Clothing from places such as White Stuff and Moss Bros with Voucher Codes

Ecomparison shopping online is one of the most convenient ways to shop. Not only can you find everything you’re looking for, but all from the comfort of home. While, women outnumber men in online shopping, men are quickly catching up. While, men’s clothing tends to be a little easier to shop online for, there are some basic guidelines you should follow to avoid returns.


It’s important to know your sizes before ordering online. If you’re between sizes, go for the next larger size. Men’s jackets, suits and other fitted items are sized based on measurements. Make sure your measurements are accurate. Your partner can do this for you or you can visit a tailor to be measured. Shoes are listed in both U.S. and European sizes, making it easier for you to order correctly.


You can find anything online that you would find offline. Often with more color and sizing options. Search by favorite designers, type of material or price on shopping sites to find all the styles of clothing you want.

Ecomparison shopping is easy, fun and affords you the opportunities to find what you want. Always take a look at the sites shipping, return, exchange and payment policies to ensure you feel comfortable using their online store. Shop, order and receive your favorite men’s clothing in just a few days (faster with upgraded shipping options) and slip into your new jeans or suit for a new look.

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