Windows 7 Ultimate on the Acer Aspire One Netbook

Windows 7 Ultimate on the Acer Aspire One Netbook

Windows 7, the operating system from Microsoft that people actually seem to like. Although Vista was actually a great operating system, many people trashed it for no apparent reason, other than just wanting to jump on the Vista-Hate bandwagon.

And even though Vista was and still is a great operating system, Windows 7 is a lot better. I would never even think about installing Vista on my Acer Aspire One netbook, with its tiny 1.3GHz Atom processor and 1GB of memory. But I did think about installing Windows 7. Sorry, XP lovers, but XP sucks. It is a very buggy operating system. It wasn’t designed to handle today’s hardware. The amount of small errors XP has annoys the crap out of me. It happened on my old Pentium 4 system, and is happening on my netbook.

I like tinkering with computers anyways, so I decided to install Windows 7 on my Acer. I had no data on the laptop, just a few things installed. I decided to do a dual boot for now. I downloaded Easeus Partition Master and formatted a second primary (NOT logical) partition. Then I plugged in my USB DVD drive, popped in the Windows 7 disc, and restarted the computer.

After booting from the disc, I chose customized setup and selected the new partition I made for Windows 7. After about 30 minutes, the installation was finished. I then downloaded the Windows 7 specific drivers from the Acer website, and the install was ready.

This was the simplest, easiest operating system install I ever did. Everything on the laptop works perfectly after installing the drivers. I can run full Aero with transparency if I wanted to, but doing that makes the computer lag, very noticeably. So I switched it back to the Windows 7 Basic theme (which was the default – I only switched to Aero to see how it would run). I then installed Office 2007, Firefox, Pidgin, and some other programs, and tweaked some settings to my liking.

Surprisingly, when I ran msconfig and checked out the startup items through CCleaner, there was nothing extra running that I didn’t need. The only thing I disabled was drive indexing; I turned the service off completely through Control Panel. I never use Windows Search, so I don’t need it running all the time and wasting resources. The only program running in the background is AVG Antivirus.

With the software all set up and configured, I did some initial tests. It seems to run at the same speed as XP. Firefox takes a bit less time to open. For now I will say it’s the same in terms of speed, making this a successful upgrade. No loss of speed while gaining more features equals success. Battery life estimates seem less than XP. When XP estimated 10 hours remaining, Windows 7 estimates 8 hours. Maybe it’s just better at estimating, but I haven’t tested it completely yet.

Windows 7 is a million times better to use than Windows XP. Everything is easier to do, looks nicer, and it just feels better. It’s a better overall experience. It makes the laptop feel more modern, with its tiny hardware specs. And the best thing is, it should get even faster in the next week or so, thanks to SuperFetch. That is why I am holding off on doing tests between the two. Once Windows 7 has time to optimize itself, I’m sure it will be quicker than Windows XP. I might do a side-by-side video of the two doing certain tasks when that happens.

If you’re thinking about installing Windows 7 on your Acer Aspire One netbook, you should go right ahead. I have found no negatives in the two days I’ve been using it so far. It is a great operating system, and works great with this netbook. It’s much better than Vista at handling resources. My install of Windows 7 Ultimate x86 (32-bit) is here to stay, and I will get rid of the XP partition after I do the comparisons. You should upgrade too.

5 thoughts on “Windows 7 Ultimate on the Acer Aspire One Netbook

  1. I have acer aspire one 751h with a 2GB ram and 250 GB of storage, it came with Vista home basic OS which is a crappy os so i made a partition and installed Windows 7 on this newly made partition, what do you suggest i should keep my vista partition aswell cauz there seems to be a little problem with the keyboard in window 7, for instance the keys have changed to that of a regular keyboard, i had to press ‘shift+2’ to get ‘@’ instead of using a semi dedicated key for this expression!

  2. installed win7 on my acer aspire one and it has been hell. i have no sound card available.tried downloadin realtek audio drivers…they refuse to install nd download
    i miss my xp..not one i have a multitude…help!!!

  3. Hi I have an Acer Aspire One D255E and I have the Windows 7 Ultimate OSX Netbook version installed just 3 days ago. It seems to be running normally except for the fact that if my netbook sleeps, it wont turn on back again no matter what key i press!!! :(( So i have to always press the power button and do a reboot of the netbook prompting the “Start the Windows Normally” page….This is frustrating me and i dunno what else to do. I tried disabling the Sleep mode whenever the lid closes but it still sleeps and WONT WAKE UP!!! O_O What do i do? is it a windows 7 ultimate problem or is it a driver one? thank youuuu

  4. hi, i have acer apire one d255. it has 2gb ram and 1.6 atom processor (as u know that) it has windows 7 starter, but i want to install windows 7 ultimate on. please let me if it wud make some problem or its just okay for it. thank you

  5. Once I read, “Vista was and still is a great operating system.” I knew the rest of the article was not to be trusted, but thanks for the laugh and congratulations on being the first person to make such a statement about Vista.

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