ISP’s Are Banning People from Playing Modern Warfare 2

ISP’s Are Banning People from Playing Modern Warfare 2

It looks like internet service providers don’t like it when people play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on their connections. Gamers are reporting that some are receiving notices from the internet providers informing them that they are not allowed to use P2P so frequently, or that they are not allowed to host servers on their home connections.

And why is this happening? Because the smart people at Infinity Ward gave PC gamers a big middle finger, and removed dedicated servers from the game. But how can you play online then you might ask? Why, will just use your computer as a server. And that’s not allowed on any consumer ISP.

So what can you do now? Nothing really. Infinity Ward can try to pay every ISP there is to not recognize Modern Warfare 2 traffic as running a server or downloading through P2P. But there’s nothing you can really do, because the game is in fact using your computer as a server, and it is in fact using P2P protocols to let you play online.

Putting aside the issues of security – you are opening ports on your firewall and router to play the game after all – this issue with ISP’s could have been predicted. Everyone knows you can’t run a server from home if you’re using a normal internet service provider. So you can’t really do anything but stop playing CoD MW2 online. Sad, huh?

I will never buy Modern Warfare 2 because of the way Infinity Ward has treated PC gamers. The answers they gave in interviews regarding lack of dedicated servers made it seem like they were doing this just to dumb down the PC version, so it could be as simple as the console version. This is exactly the opposite of what everyone wanted. And the reviews show (take a look at the user score).

Sources: Infinity Ward forums (although most posts are probably now deleted), GossipGamers, ModernWarFail2

4 thoughts on “ISP’s Are Banning People from Playing Modern Warfare 2

  1. Wow. This has got to be the most clueless take on the issue that could possibly be imagined. Yes, the game is using modern p2p technology to meet bandwidth needs that the company would otherwise have to have the gamers play for. Just like World Of Warcraft uses Bittorrent for patches!

    The problem is ISPs banning p2p, even though there is nothing illegal or bad about it — like in this case.

    Your opinion is so ignorant and out of touch that you almost sound like a shill for the record companies and movie companies, who want legal p2p technology banned because it *could* be used for evil. (Yeah, and I *could* use my car to run over children, or my knife to stab someone, but that doesn’t mean we should ban cars and knives.)

    You really need to get a clue. I’ve had 7 different DSL ISPs, and have run servers on any of them. Anyone running bittorrent is technically running a server — by the loose definition ISPs and you use.

    The real fact of the matter is that the future is everyone being a server. Want to turn your air conditioning off from work because you’re staying late and don’t want to waste energy destroying the environment to cool an empty house? You’re gonna need a server. Want to control the music in your house using your cellphone, like I do? You’re gonna need a server.

    You, sir, need to get a clue about technological progress and technology serving society. Your opinion is pretty much the corporate opinion that us little peons should not be allowed to run servers; that is only for big business. Wake up and smell the new world coffee.

    In the future, we are all content-producers and servers.

  2. @ ClintJCL

    Wow. You couldn’t have interpreted it any worse. I do not support media companies. I support P2P. I am just stating what people are reporting – that their ISPs don’t like it when they use too much P2P. No where did I say that this is how it should be. In fact, there is no opinion anywhere in this post – it’s just reports from others compiled into a news story.

    I support P2P, and it is definitely legal. ISPs need to change their ways. I’m sorry you misinterpreted my article in the worst way possible.

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