Global Warming a Hoax?

Global Warming a Hoax?

What would you say if all the global warming statements issued by major organizations around the world turned out to be a hoax? Think about it for a minute before answering, and look at the big picture:

  • Companies and governments have spent billions each year trying to reduce greenhouse emissions (see the Kyoto Accord, and its replacement that was planned to be finalized at the upcoming Copenhagen Summit).
  • How much extra tax have you had to pay over the past several years because of global warming? (i.e. greenhouse taxes, environment fees, and even the clean air taxes you pay in major airports now)
  • How about the multi-million dollar projects based around alternative energy? (i.e. tidal power farms that have been created in key locations around the world that came out of your pocket).
Credit: Jonathan DuHamel, TusconCitizen.comCredit: Jonathan DuHamel,

What if it was all for nothing? Or at least, the data was fudged to make it look like a serious problem that everybody had to take care of?

Thanks to an unknown hacker, several key documents from the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia (the largest, most funded, and most reputed climate research center in the world) were leaked to the public that implies that global warming might not be as bad as it was made out to be (if it even was a problem). Several emails and documents were leaked which showed several exchanges between high ranking officials in the CRU stating that a lot of the numbers used in their research were faked.

Additionally, large portions of the programming used to monitor and record temperature data from around the world was posted, and numerous programming experts have identified major flaws in the coding (such as it seems to pick a random temperature instead of the actual temperature in some certain situations).

Here’s the kicker – the United Nations (and just about every other major organization that looks at climate change) use the CRU data exclusively in making their decisions about global warming and environmental impacts.

In a nutshell, we have a massive research center that receives grants and investments from all over the world to produce “unbiased” research on climate change. They take the money, make up some numbers to make it look like the world is getting hotter, and then send the data out. This prompts for more funding and research, which results in more money being sent their way. It’s a great racket they’ve setup.

The story was originally posted by CBS, but since then has circulated the globe and has sparked a lot of discussion on blogs and forums around the world, and now a criminal investigation is being initiated. If you would like to read the original CBS story and see their evidence (as well as several of the documents posted by the unknown hacker), head over to CBS News.

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