How would you invest $60 to start making money online?

I saw this interesting post today on a popular internet marketing forum. The question was: how would you invest $60? Many people replied they wouldn’t. $60 is simply too low of an amount to invest and notice any meaningful result. Others said to buy content and a web hosting package, and monetize it with Adsense. I say don’t listen to these people. Instead, start a good website. Hosting and a domain will cost you under $60 for a year. The software, WordPress, is free, and you can write the content yourself.

The problem with today’s internet marketing and make-money-online tactics is this – everyone outsources their work to India. This is the cheapest option for people who don’t want to or can’t write content themselves. Most people who can’t create content themselves don’t speak English. This creates a situation where the people buying content have no clue what they’re buying. The articles they are buying are written in atrocious English, with the type of grammar you get in Nigerian scam emails.

And this is polluting the internet. Someone hears about making money online. They go to a forum, read a lot of nonsense (and a bit of very useful advise), then go out and buy a domain, web hosting package, and hire a person through the forum to write articles for their new website. Then they plaster advertisements over their site, and expect money to roll in. And sadly it does. But it’s a small amount of money. Advertisers don’t want to pay much to have their ads displayed in India, which for some reason is where most of this is coming from.

I guess my point here is that if you are making a website, do not outsource to someone who can’t write in fluent English. Not only does it devalue your website and turn away potential advertisers – and private deals make you much more money than pay-per-click advertising – but it adds absolutely nothing to the internet. These people copy other people’s work, rewrite it in horrible English, and republish it. This cycle continues until the article makes absolutely no sense.

A lot of people promote this outsourcing as a cheap way of getting yourself started in the blogging or general web publishing, internet marketing business. But I say leave it alone and stay far, far away from it. It will only bring in short-term visitors to your new website. You will get no returning visitors, no feed subscribers, nothing but short term search result clicks. Once people start reading your cheap content, they will immediately leave the page, or accidentally click on an advertisement.

If you really want to invest $60 to make money online, you sure can. It is definitely not too small an amount. WordPlop was started with around $6. Yes, this website had an initial investment of $6, and that was for the domain.  The hosting was free, without ads, from 000webhost. Original articles were written, and here we are today making a 10,000% profit (almost).

So how would you invest $60 to start making money online? Start a quality website. Do not outsource. Write with perfect English. Spend less time reading forums and more time writing articles. Write only what you are interested about. Don’t copy content. Read some tips on ProBlogger.

Whatever you do, please, do not contribute to the internet trash can that is the world of re-written content with bad grammar.

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