Ten Steps to Having a Proper Man Cave

Ten Steps to Having a Proper Man Cave

Fact: a garage is the best type of man cave. If you are unlike the idiotic society of today which has no clue how to pump up a tire, you will want to make yourself a proper man cave. You don’t need to be a mechanic to have a good garage. Anyone who can use a power tool and has done so should have a proper man cave. Here are ten steps to having a proper man cave.

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Garage Space

First off, and most important, is the cave itself. You should get a garage that can fit at least two cars. This is so you have plenty of room to work on your car. The more space you have to work with, the easier it is. If you have two cars, you can keep both in the garage, but when it comes time to do some wrenching, you will want to move the other car out.


You can never have too much lighting. Your garage should be brighter than day so you can see through every opening under the hood. At the same time, you need to have full control over the lighting, which means installing dimmers instead of switches. You should also be able to control each light individually, or at least groups of lights that make up certain sections. And finally, you need at least three handheld wired lights, and one handheld battery powered light. This is for working under the car, or for directing light through areas where the normal lights cannot get through.

Air Conditioning & Heating

Having a way to cool yourself down while you work is more important than having a heating system. When it’s winter you can just put on more clothes. But when it’s hot, you are rendered powerless and there is nothing you can possibly do to properly cool yourself down. A simple fan won’t get the job done – you need air conditioning. And if you have air conditioning, it is only logical that you have heating. Plus with these two systems you can make sure paint dries faster.

Proper Garage Doors & Lasers

Yes, lasers. The last thing you want is for your property to get stolen. The first step to avoid that is having a good door. Don’t get the cheapest one you see. Generally, the heavier it is, the stronger it is. Which means it’ll be more expensive, but it’ll be worth it. Double doors (like barn doors) are classier, but require more space. Make sure to have a good lock or two installed. And for the perfect touch, add lasers. You can get a cheap laser system online. All it really requires is a bunch of small mirrors, a receiver, and a laser. You can probably make it yourself for less than $50. Or just get a normal alarm system.

Tools and Organization

You need tools, and the more tools you have, the better. You don’t necessarily need to go out and buy a thousand dollars worth of tools. You can slowly expand your collection when you find deals, buy online, find something at a garage sale, etc. You should have two or three car jacks and some axle stands. A welder and an air compressor would be good additions to your tool collection. Duct tape, JB Weld, and cable ties should always be available. And don’t forget to organize everything. The last thing you want is to spend an hour looking for a tool to complete a five minute job.

Spare Parts

You should have common parts available. Tire puncture repair kits, lights, fuses, and other small parts should be available without a half an hour drive to the store. These parts will of course depend on the vehicle you have.


You need two or three good chairs. Sometimes you will want to take a short break, and you won’t want to sit on the floor. This is where garage space comes in.


You will require a fridge. It needs to be packed with drinks and snacks – preferably something like Chex Mix. This solution is ideal.

Computer With Internet Connection

Sometimes you will need to look at a manual online, or follow a tutorial, even if you consider yourself too intelligent to do such a thing. To avoid printing out instructions, you will want a computer with internet. Bringing your laptop from upstairs won’t cut it, because you will get it dirty and covered in oil. Almost any laptop or desktop will do. You will want to get a spill-proof keyboard, or just put a clear plastic bag over an old keyboard. Get a cheap optical mouse, because a ball mouse will stop working from the dirt, as will a trackpad on a laptop. The best place for a garage computer is somewhere you can use it while standing.

Wall of Stuff

Just as mankind has been doing for thousands of years, you will want to customize your cave wall. A man cave cannot be decorated, only customized. You can hang random things on one of the walls – special priceless car parts, a license plate collection, random broken parts, clocks made out of used disc brakes, etc.

And that’s it. Now you too can have a proper man cave.

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