Google Search Deal With Twitter Will Include Tweets in Google Search Results

Google Search Deal With Twitter Will Include Tweets in Google Search Results

Google has partnered with Twitter to include Twitter updates in Google’s search results. This will have a big impact on both Google’s search results and Twitter. This deal has great potential for news applications, but it can also go really bad if not implemented correctly.

A lot of people use Twitter to post random thoughts, and probably even more use it for self promotion. Companies treat it as a free advertising medium. This means that a lot of the content on Twitter is unprofessional and not search result worthy.

However, the very positive aspect of Twitter can come from news tweets. Through Twitter, people can post news that have literally just happened a few seconds ago. Real news websites simply cannot do this due to lack of resources. With Twitter, there are millions of people who can act as news reporters.

Taking all of this into account, Google needs to find a way to include only real news tweets in their search results. They need to find a way to separate the advertising, promoting, and personal tweets from tweets that are useful and report something relevant. This sounds like a very difficult thing to accomplish, but if anyone can do it, it would be companies with huge budgets, like Google and Microsoft. Microsoft has a similar deal with Twitter.

Twitter being included in Google search results has great potential for real, unedited, live news. However, it needs to be implemented very carefully, or else Google search results will include a lot of garbage.

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