How to Access Blocked Websites Without Using Proxies

How to Access Blocked Websites Without Using Proxies

Most employers block websites such as Facebook and Youtube from being accessed while you’re working. And when they do that, they also block proxy websites that would allow you to access blocked websites. Here is how to get past most filters without the use of any software or proxy-like web services.

Web filter software only filters the URL of websites – its address. However, websites have another address – the IP address. If you enter a website’s IP address into the address field in your browser, it will take you to the website, just like the normal .com address would.

All you have to do is find a website that tells you the IP address of a website. To do this, simply type “website ip lookup” into Google or any search engine, without the quotes. The first result here is Self SEO’s website IP lookup page. If this site gets blocked by your IT department, just find another one.

Now just type in the website you want to visit and get its IP address. For example, using Self SEO’s service, typing in gives the IP address All you need to do now is copy the IP address and paste it into your browser’s address bar, and hit Enter. You should now be on the website you wanted to visit, without the need for a proxy.

This simple method works most of the time. It probably won’t work if it’s a small website on a shared server – the IP address will take you to the hosting company’s home page. For Youtube, this method won’t work for watching most videos, because Youtube calls each video from a different server using the address – this problem can exist in other websites as well. is not responsible for anyone being fired from their job as a result of visiting websites they were not supposed to.

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