ArtsNow Custom Stickers Review

ArtsNow Custom Stickers Review

I recently ordered a custom sticker from and here is a quick review.

For $1.99, you get a 5×3 inch “waterproof, weatherproof and fade proof” sticker “with an aggressive permanent adhesive.” I did not get a chance yet to test the ruggedness and stickiness of the sticker, but I plan to attach it to a freeride mountain bike, so it will eventually get a lot of abuse. If the sticker fails anytime soon, I will update this review. I don’t think it will though; it feels really tough.

Since this is a sticker there’s not much to review. The printing quality is bad and blurry. The blurriness is only noticed from one foot away or closer however. My home inkjet printer can make a much higher quality print. The colors are off from the original image I submitted, but that might be because I forgot to optimize it for printing when making it in Photoshop. I also was expecting it to be shiny, but it’s matte.

In conclusion, it’s cheap, but the quality is low. Shipping is straight from China, so it takes at least a week. The quality is alright for the price – most other custom sticker sites I found only let you buy in bulk. Look at the pictures below and judge for yourself. I did my best to optimize my point-and-shoot camera to show the true quality and color. The first picture is the original custom image I submitted, and the rest are of the actual sticker.

Oh and by the way, their custom mousepads also come out a bit blurry, but they’re a great value for the money.

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