Social Games Generate Millions of Dollars

Social Games Generate Millions of Dollars

Everything on the internet is free, right? At least there are like a million free games out there.

Who makes all those free games? Why would anyone make a game for people to enjoy and get nothing in return?

Well, some of the guys who make Social Games – games for social platforms like Facebook and MySpace – actually do get something in return.

It’s called money. Lots of money even.

One very popular social game is “Live Poker” from Zynga. You may not believe this, but Zynga’s poker game on Facebook attracts an absurd 2.5 million players every day.

Numbers like that make regular online poker look like a dying midget in comparison. In addition, poker in social media is still growing at an alarming rate, while online poker is kind of stagnant.

According to Business Week, Zynga will make $100 million in sales this year. That’s one hundred million dollars for you!

Most of that money comes from the minority of players who pay a few dollars to play premium games or buy virtual goods.

Virtual goods can be for example poker chips to be used in the game. In Live Poker on Facebook they come at the price of $5 for 75,000 chips, or less if you buy more.

If you buy Facebook chips you get a V.I.P. mark. It marks you as the sucker at the table.

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