Apple iPod Nano 4GB – 2nd Generation

Apple iPod Nano 4GB – 2nd Generation enables you to create a music library from which you can easily access the songs and hear it again and again. Maintain your own personal DJ playlist and make a favorite playlist where you can store a lot of selectable songs. It has a unique feature called Genius click that helps you select the frequently visited songs. Album art could be viewed through a cover flow feature and it has intuitive and easy to operate control buttons that help choose your song quickly. When you keep pressing the center button, this iPod Nano lets you to browse by artist and albums.

The display screen shows the videos and songs in both landscape and portrait form when you flip over the iPod in any direction. When the right song is reached during search of an artist or albums you can easily add the file to your playlist. It is easy to shuffle through the playlist and move on to the next song. This iPod automatically shuffles your music list in the library when you give it a simple shake. It quickly responds to your touch and lets you freely move and tilt for interactive game play. This iPod Nano is built with special intuitive controls for playing games.

This iPod shows photos with 320 x 240 of display resolution and you can download games from iTunes. It features a 2 inch screen that shows high quality images.

The Apple iPod Nano 4GB is available in 9 different colors and is made with an aluminum body structure with a glass curved design. This Apple iPod 16GB Nano features in-ear headphones with mic and remote. It looks both beautiful and intelligent, and can be carried in your pocket wherever you go.

This iPod Nano has a calendar, volume limiter, Cover Flow, Motion Sensor, Nike with iPod support and is designed with USB 2.0. It features a built-in alarm & stopwatch, digital clock, and shows the battery level using an indicator light. It supports Windows Vista and has 3 hours of recharge time.

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