Social Games Generate Millions of Dollars

Everything on the internet is free, right? At least there are like a million free games out there.

Who makes all those free games? Why would anyone make a game for people to enjoy and get nothing in return?

Well, some of the guys who make Social Games – games for social platforms like Facebook and MySpace – actually do get something in return.

It’s called money. Lots of money even.

One very popular social game is “Live Poker” from Zynga. You may not believe this, but Zynga’s poker game on Facebook attracts an absurd 2.5 million players every day.

Numbers like that make regular online poker look like a dying midget in comparison. In addition, poker in social media is still growing at an alarming rate, while online poker is kind of stagnant.

According to Business Week, Zynga will make $100 million in sales this year. That’s one hundred million dollars for you!

Most of that money comes from the minority of players who pay a few dollars to play premium games or buy virtual goods.

Virtual goods can be for example poker chips to be used in the game. In Live Poker on Facebook they come at the price of $5 for 75,000 chips, or less if you buy more.

If you buy Facebook chips you get a V.I.P. mark. It marks you as the sucker at the table.

Western Digital My Passport Elite Portable Hard Drive

The Western Digital My Passport Elite Portable Hard Drive is a portable storage device that offers a convenient solution for carrying large volumes of data. It is a remote access hard drive with high quality performance and specially designed for professionals. This hard drive is a 2.5 inch form factor and looks compact and stylish. It is designed with a matte finish, which is soft to touch and gives good grip on the palm. This drive has easy to use functions and could be directly connected with your laptop or computer without any additional setup. You can comfortably keep it in your pocket or handbag and carry it wherever you want. This Western Digital portable hard drive is equipped with hi speed USB 2.0 interface for data transfer and is also used for the power source. It directly gets its power from the USB interface and does not require any additional AC power adaptor.

It comes pre-formatted and has easy to use functions. This External HDD is equipped with simple operations and it can store 12500 mp3 songs, 220 hours of DVD quality video, 60 hours of HD video, 14200 digital photos, and 38 hours of digital video. You can actively share and view the data stored in this My Passport Elite hard drive and if you made any changes to the files or documents, this drive would synchronise all the changes back to your office or home computers.

It offers provisions for password protection using 128 bit encryption and supports both MAC and Windows computers. It is loaded with Google software and enables you to use the search with ease.

You can effectively manage your database and view it conveniently in the future. This drive has automatic backup software, which can take instant backups of emails.

It saves photo copies that can be viewed online, and takes backups of iPod contacts. When you connect this drive to your computer it automatically starts the process of backups.

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PalmOne Tungsten T5 PDA Phone

The PalmOne Tungsten T5 PDA Phone is equipped with simple to use software for taking quick and easy backups of important documents and files. Palm Desktop 4.1.4e and HotSync Manager (Windows) is a special software that lets you synchronise this PDA with your computer for making editable versions of back files. You can maintain up to date information and when you make any changes in your calendar, memos, tasks and contacts it automatically updates in your computer. HotSync manager software controls the synchronisation of files whereas palm desktop is a desktop personal information manager. This handheld pda has full security Panel Update 1.0 for Windows installer that solves the problem of intrusion protection when you happen to enter the wrong password many times.

Listen to your favourite music with PocketTunes. This PDA is designed with 256 MB of internal flash memory with user available memory such as flash memory of 160 MB and 55 MB of RAM. This handheld pda has an SD memory card slot and multimedia card for sharing high resolution photos, music, and other digital files. You can share files directly from the camcorder and digital camera. This pda has SDIO and is made with the Intel XScale 416MHz processor. It has large screen made with TFT active matrix transflective display technology that generates 320 x 480 pixels with 16 bit colours. This smartphone pda supports MP3 audio.

This PDA Phone is enabled with a navigational stylus for the touch screen. This pda has a five way navigational method for easy access of applications. It comes with the Palm OS 5.4.5 operating system. It features a lithium ion battery and offers SMS messaging with versamail.

The lithium ion battery gives 127 hrs of battery life and comes with a synchronisation cable. It supports WMA and has multimedia speakers. This pda has a web browser and is equipped with Bluetooth technology with IrDA connectivity.

The package includes charger, USB sync cable, starter guide, stylus, pda, and software CD for PC and MAC. It has overall dimensions of about H 12 x W 7.8 x D 1.5 cm and weighs nearly 145 grams.

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Novatech Icon Desktop PC

The Novatech Icon Desktop PC comes with black colour and has a 320GB Hard drive Capacity, which is powered with SATAII technology. This desktop pc has an optical drive 22x Dual Layer +R/-R/RW DVD burner that reads and writes both CD and DVD with great speed. This desktop pc has Integrated ATI Radeon 2100 Graphics support for multitasking applications and is enabled with a GeForce 9500GT 1GB PCI-E Graphics card in the pro version. It is powered with an AMD 690V Motherboard and comes with AMD 740G + SB700 in the pro version. This desktop pc has 4GB DDR2 RAM memory and an AMD X2 Dual Core 7750 64 Bit Processor. It comes with overall dimensions of  (H x W x D) 60 x 180 x 390mm and comes with the processing speed of about 2 x 2.7 GHz.

This Novatech Desktop PC is equipped with 5.1 channel high definition audio and is loaded with the Windows Vista Home Premium operating system. It comes with a Novatech optical mouse and keyboard. This desktop pc includes Microsoft Works 9 software and comes with 6 USB input and output port connections. It has one Gigabit LAN facility and comes with a 12 month warranty period. This desktop pc is an affordable machine that is designed with large amounts of storage space. It has a well built body and has a good cooling system.

There are two USB ports in the front panel and the remaining USB port connections are positioned in the rear of the desktop cabinet body. This desktop pc is enabled with Thunderbird core technology and enabled with added on-die 256KB L2 cache memory unit.

This desktop pc has high speed real time motherboard functionality and features a built in graphics card slot. This desktop pc is made with a reliable chipset that offers stable performance for both office and home use.

It comes with a powerful hard drive which spins at 7200rpm and is made with SATA hard drive technology, which is capable of storing up to 16MB in Cache.

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LG 26LG3000 HD Ready LCD Television

The LG 26LG3000 HD Ready LCD Television comes with a top swivel stand and has a 26 inch wide screen. It has the display format of 720p and comes with the resolution of 1366 x 768. This lcd television has a 16:9  Image Aspect Ratio and comes with widescreen modes that include zoom and Just function. It has a dynamic contrast ratio of about 15000:1 and comes with a 500 cd/m2 brightness level. It features a quick response time of about 8ms, which shows flicker free images and is suitable for watching fast action film scenes. It has a Progressive scan with double line facility.

This lcd television comes with a 170 Viewing Angle and has 60,000 hours Backlight Life. It has an analog TV Tuner, NTSC, and comes with a digital TV Tuner – QAM, ATSC. It is equipped with an MTS stereo reception system and it is an HD ready television with input video format up to 1080p. This television comes with five picture status modes such as standard, vivid, game, cinema, and sport. It has colour temperature controls including medium, cool, and warm. It has analog video input with an infrared remote control. You can support other connecting devices such as DVD, VCR, and satellite. This lcd television has 2 speakers with sound output modes and comes with Virtual Surround Sound Effects.

It provides options for audio control and comes with five modes of sound status. It has built in speakers with 2×5 W and comes with 2 HDMI connections. This LG 26LG3000 LCD TV features two Component video inputs, one VGA input, one S-Video input ( 4 pin mini-DIN ) and three Composite video/audio inputs.

It has one Serial ( 9 pin D-Sub ) with audio line-in ( RCA phono x 2 ). This lcd television comes with one Audio line-out with one Remote control and digital audio output (optical).

It has a one year warranty and the overall dimensions are 663.8 x 447.8 x 79, and weighs nearly 8.6 kg. It is beautifully finished with a black glossy finish and has a well built panel frame with wide screen format.

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BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Smartphone

The BlackBerry Pearl 8120 is equipped with an interactive email management system that offers hands on expertise in sending and receiving your important emails in your palm. You can read messages, send, delete emails and this smartphone automatically updates your emailbox whenever you activate it. You can add up to ten work and personal email addresses. It has dedicated Enterprise, Personal/Web-Based Email Access, Personal and New BlackBerry email address. All these internet based email accounts have the convenience of mailbox synchronization with automatic and push delivery. It has improved email layout with the facility of viewing, file download and editing of attachments. This smartphone has SMS and MMS, and with the help of an innovative keyboard layout you can comfortably type your messages.

It has SureType technology software that lets you compose the message accurately and quickly without any flaw. This smarthphone pda is enabled with a digital camera and you can use it to capture pictures and directly upload them to some of your favourite social media websites. With a digital video recorder you can capture instant moments and add sound to create a story. This Blackberry Pearl 8120 offers Media Sync software to readily sync your iTunes and put it in your pda. You can maintain up to date map details using this blackberry and locate your designated favourite places and venues with quick and convenient driving directions.

It is enabled with a GPS system that offers turn by turn navigation. You can shop online, browse web pages, collect info, make calls and stream videos with all the technology and features in one pda that easily slides in your pocket or handbag.

This blackberry smarthphone has Wi Fi and lets you stay connected with internet whenever you step into a Wi Fi spot. It has 2.2 inch screen with 240 x 260 pixel resolution and comes with 64 MB of memory capacity. This blackberry has a MicroSD card with a 2 mega pixel camera and bluetooth technology.

It offers 4 hrs of battery life and the package includes an AC adapter, desktop software CD, mini-USB cable, 1GB microSD card, stereo headset and leather carrying pouch.

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Apple iPod Nano 4GB – 2nd Generation

Apple iPod Nano 4GB – 2nd Generation enables you to create a music library from which you can easily access the songs and hear it again and again. Maintain your own personal DJ playlist and make a favorite playlist where you can store a lot of selectable songs. It has a unique feature called Genius click that helps you select the frequently visited songs. Album art could be viewed through a cover flow feature and it has intuitive and easy to operate control buttons that help choose your song quickly. When you keep pressing the center button, this iPod Nano lets you to browse by artist and albums.

The display screen shows the videos and songs in both landscape and portrait form when you flip over the iPod in any direction. When the right song is reached during search of an artist or albums you can easily add the file to your playlist. It is easy to shuffle through the playlist and move on to the next song. This iPod automatically shuffles your music list in the library when you give it a simple shake. It quickly responds to your touch and lets you freely move and tilt for interactive game play. This iPod Nano is built with special intuitive controls for playing games.

This iPod shows photos with 320 x 240 of display resolution and you can download games from iTunes. It features a 2 inch screen that shows high quality images.

The Apple iPod Nano 4GB is available in 9 different colors and is made with an aluminum body structure with a glass curved design. This Apple iPod 16GB Nano features in-ear headphones with mic and remote. It looks both beautiful and intelligent, and can be carried in your pocket wherever you go.

This iPod Nano has a calendar, volume limiter, Cover Flow, Motion Sensor, Nike with iPod support and is designed with USB 2.0. It features a built-in alarm & stopwatch, digital clock, and shows the battery level using an indicator light. It supports Windows Vista and has 3 hours of recharge time.

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