Tech Product Deal of the Day: 25x 5mm bright white LED’s

This isn’t technically a deal of the day, since this price is the regular price that these LED’s go for on DealExtreme. Sure it takes a few weeks to receive the lights, but for $2.60 shipped it’s well worth it. There is an endless amount of things you can do with these. I made a bike light using 9 of them, and it can reach 20 feet ahead of me. That’s better than any $30 bike light. These are really bright and you can make a very nice light for around $5 that will outshine most $50 lights. I just ordered two 25 packs and will probably be getting more in the future. Just make sure to run them at the max voltage (I run them a bit over, at 3.5v or 3.6v). The link is below.

14000mcd 25Packs White 5Mm Led

And here is the 10 pack if you don’t need all 25. Also the LED specifications are on this page (scroll down).

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