Top 10 video games of all time

Top 10 video games of all time

This list sure is different from every other top 10 games list out there, isn’t it? Yes, yes it is.

10. Need for Speed Underground 2 (PS2)

So many car choices, so many modifications, so much potential for fun. A drift mode where you actually get to control the car. This is one of the best Need for Speed games there is, and certainly better than any NFS game released after it. This is the best racing game to play with two players (not over the internet), at least for this type of gameplay.

9. Half Life 2 (PC)

One of the best storylines and great gameplay. One of the most immersing single player campaigns of any game I’ve played. The graphics and physics are excellent for its age.

8. Portal (PC)

The only game with nothing really wrong with it. I just can’t find anything I dislike about it. The gameplay is pure fun, and the storyline is short and to the point. A puzzle and action game in one, with a new and unique style. I can replay it over and over and not get bored. Plus, the cake was not a lie.

7. Counter Strike Source (PC)

If you like this type of gameplay, you can play this game forever. Not counting the hundreds of free mods to CS:S, the stock game itself can be played for years if you enjoy competitive, serious FPS. And if not, then you can always play zombie mod, gungame, or any other incredibly fun and free mods. Plus with the awesome game engine, you can play on a Pentium 4 with no problems at all on medium settings. And even though the game is old, if you have a dual core with a decent video card, you can unleash the full potential of Counter Strike’s graphics and be amazed considering the game is 5 years old. The graphics are amazing for the age, and the gameplay and style is the most precise of any other game I’ve played.

6. Halo (PC)

The first Halo game was better than the rest. The story was interesting and the gameplay was fun. The graphics were good for its age. Sure there were about 20 completely identical levels, but it was still very fun to play.

5. Battlefield 1942 (PC)

This is better than any other Battlefield game so far. No, it’s not “just another World War II game.” BF1942 has style and it’s very unique from other WW2 games. The different types of vehicles is what made is special and so fun. There is no World War 2 game that has this type of gameplay with cars, tanks, motorcycles, airplanes, ships, and jetpacks. I consider this the best multiplayer WW2 game ever.

4. Road Rash (PC)

Road Rash is another game that’s very different from other games in its genre. Racing and fighting combined make for great fun. The movie clips were badass. Wacking riders with chains and watching them get hit by a car while running back to get their bike never gets old.

3. Need for Speed 3 Hot Pursuit (PS1)

Most fun racing game ever. Not realistic but it sure was fun. The cars were all exotics (and a Corvette) and there were video clips that told you about each car, its history, performance, specs, etc. I had more fun going 210mph in a Lamborghini Diablo SV in that game than any other racing game.

2. Medal of Honor (PS1)

Best single player FPS with best WW2 FPS storyline. This game was just epic. From the bush mazes to the underground tunnels to getting to actually launch a German V2 rocket with the target being YOURSELF while you were sitting safe in a bunker, it was fun and epic.

1. Worms Armageddon (PC)

There’s nothing wrong with this game. Graphics still look good after 10 years because it’s 2D. It’s still being supported and has been patched to work on Vista 64 bit. The online play works as good as ever, and there are still thousands of people who play online daily. This game is the definition of fun. You have teams of worms killing themselves with bazookas, flamethrowers, old women with bombs strapped to them, skunks, and banana bombs. You can easily make your own maps, there are thousands of customizations you can make to your teams, and the map editor is the easiest of any game ever (that might be in part because it’s 2D). Plus there are custom game modes that extend the fun. This is truly the best game ever.

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 video games of all time

  1. So wrong. Original Counterstrike is better than Source. the original halflifes have better storylines.
    And where are the Final Fantasys etc?
    Is this really a top10? or just the games you own?
    And worms armageddon 1st? purleaseee

  2. Wolfenstein 3D – Invented the modern FPS
    Doom – Popularized the FPS, as well as modding and multiplayer.
    Half Life – Added story telling and puzzles to FPS. Half Life 2 can still be on the list, but not before the first.

    Now I don’t understand how the best games of all time can include a game that has 20 identical levels. Gameplay can not be fun if all if zero effort is put into level design. Super Mario 64 is a game with far better level design, and that’s what made you come back for those stars.

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