10 Random things that piss me off

For your enjoyment, here are ten random technology-related things that piss me off. I am not bashing products here, but rather pointing out incredibly bad and annoying things about them. Here are ten things that came to my head as soon as I sat down to write this post.

  1. In Microsoft Flight Simulator X, when playing multiplayer, clicking on the “Players” tab doesn’t actually sort the sessions by number of players.
  2. No search feature to find sessions in Microsoft Flight Simulator X.
  3. The incredibly ugly menu screen with Windows 95 era bevels and designs in Flight Simulator X.
  4. People looking at youtube videos while chatting with 10 people through IM at the same time.
  5. People using Twitter for self-promotion.
  6. Games taking away your mouse shadow once you exit, making you go to control panel / mouse and re-enabling it.
  7. Being autokicked from a Counter Strike Source server because of Steam connection problems as you’re about to win the gungame match.
  8. Flight Simulator X constantly opening on the wrong monitor.
  9. Firefox opening on the wrong monitor if you ever maximize it on that monitor.
  10. The new Comcast webmail that I have to use at work.

Note: despite all the small things that piss me off about Flight Simulator X, I still like the game.

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