Google Chrome has a long way to go

Google Chrome was released only a few days ago and it has already gained more than 1% market share. But all this means is that people downloaded it to try it out, not to make it their new browser. This also shows why Chrome took away from Firefox’s market share and not Internet Explorer’s – because only tech-savvy users downloaded it, since Chrome is just a beta, and we all know IE users aren’t as tech-savvy (no offense if you’re using IE because of personal preference).

So the point here is that Chrome was downloaded and used so much in such a short time because people wanted to try it out. It doesn’t mean it’s better than Firefox or any other browser. It’s a beta with almost no features.

Chrome has a very high potential to become a superior browser. It is fast and very lightweight. But this might be because of its lack of features. It doesn’t even have middle click scrolling yet. Chrome is no where near ready for full time use. And by the time it gets features and addons, and goes out of beta, Firefox will probably be on version 4.

Final review – Chrome has lots of potential, but it’s not ready to be your everyday browser. It has gained significant market share because mostly Firefox users wanted to give it a try, since it’s from Google, so it has to be good. I will be trying Chrome again in a few months, after it gets patched and updated more. I don’t expect it to go out of beta for at least two years.

And for most people disliking the blue theme, this is how it looks in Vista:

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