Is there really such a thing as internet addiction?

There have been many articles where researchers stated that internet addiction is an actual form of addiction that needs to be treated. But can you really be addicted to the internet? I don’t think so.

First, the internet can have no direct physical or chemical affects on you. It can’t be compared to a drug which alters your brain chemically. The internet isn’t an object and can’t really be compared to other addictions. But let’s compare it to a television show.

Say you really like to watch South Park. You watch every single episode without missing it, even if it means not going out with friends. This doesn’t classify as a TV addiction.

The internet is filled with thousands of very good sites that you can spend countless hours on. I can spend all day just browsing Digg, but if I have something better to do, I do it. This wouldn’t make me an addict.

It is very easy to spend most of your day on the internet, simply because there’s so much to do, so many videos to watch, so many funny pics to see, forums to participate in, etc. If you spend a lot of time on the internet it doesn’t make you an addict.

If you do have an “addiction” to the internet, you have more problems than just with the internet. Sane, normal people don’t give up eating because they can’t walk away from their computers. So if you’re at that extreme, you have other issues.

I guess my point here is that “internet addiction” is made up. This isn’t a drug that you can get addicted to. These people are just trying to earn more money from drugs that they can sell to “internet addicts” to help their “problem”. There’s no such thing as internet addiction.

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