Next version of OS X will be called Snow Leopard – what is Apple thinking?

Engadget has been covering today’s WWDC 2008 keynote, and it has been announced that Apple’s next OS X version will be called Snow Leopard. And that is the dumbest name I have ever heard for any piece of software.

First of all, Snow Leopard won’t even have new key features. It will be only a security and performance update for Leopard. In other words, something Microsoft would call a service pack. Snow Leopard is just a service pack, so why does it even need a new name? Oh, probably because Apple is trying to show their OS is perfect, works all the time, and is secure – unlike Windows, which needs a service pack (roll eyes).

Now forget that Snow Leopard is just a service pack. Still, why did Apple pick such a name? You can say “my computer’s running Leopard” or “my computer’s running Windows” or even “my computer’s running Ubuntu” but can you imagine yourself saying “my computer’s running Snow Leopard”? I don’t know about you, but I think that just sounds dumb.

Also people are wondering if Snow Leopard will even be free. It is just a service pack after all, and people all over internet forums are seeing that. Microsoft doesn’t charge for its service packs, but then again Apple doesn’t even want to acknowledge that this is one.

Apple should have really picked a different name for its next “version” of OS X. Or just call it Leopard SP1.

3 thoughts on “Next version of OS X will be called Snow Leopard – what is Apple thinking?

  1. @ Anthony:

    I actually saw that post already, but it still doesn’t change my mind. Dropping PowerPC, adding more support for 64bit, and a better apps engine doesn’t sound like enough for a new OS version to me. And I know there will be some new features; I said there won’t be any new key features.

  2. Can’t you see what they’re doing? They’re down-playing themselves so they’ll appear even better when they start to debut the new features.

    One of the classic rules of business is to set your customers’ expectations low, then over-whelm those expectations

    And for future reference: the Mac version of the service packs would be the free system upgrades. (ie from X.5 to X.5.1 to X.5.2, etc.)

    What differentiates Snow-Leopard from a simple system upgrade/service pack is that a system upgrade or service pack fixes bugs, adds extra code, etc. whereas Snow-Leopard is re-writing vast chunks of the code.

    Also, i like the name “Snow-Leopard”, but then again, i really like “Snow-any-animal” 😛 one of my favourite creatures is a snow-fox (second only to a Pinemartin, those things are adorable x3) … where was I? … bleh, something about spots?

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