AGP is dead, get over it

There was recently an article on TG Daily saying AGP is almost dead. This is true, so why do people still want to revive this old format?

On major overclocking forums, people are complaining that AGP is being phased out of the market. I don’t understand why. AGP is a very old format, and it has been replaced by PCI Express long ago. PCIe is a superior format, mostly because it’s multiple times faster than AGP.

All the new graphics cards that have been released over the past few years have been targeted for PCIe. Some companies made AGP versions of these cards, but recent graphics cards are far too powerful to be put in the AGP format. AGP simply cannot transfer data at the speed that these performance cards need to transfer it.

This is the same as people complaining that their five year old 300 watt power supply cannot power a 9800GX2. It’s obvious it can’t because it’s lacking the performance ability to do so, and the same is happening for AGP. It can’t handle newer cards.

People who still use AGP should just upgrade their motherboards when they want a new video card. Stop complaining about an old format and upgrade. You can’t put a V12 Ferrari engine in a ’90s Honda Civic. This is the same as the transition from DDR to DDR2, and soon it will be DDR2 to DDR3. Face the facts that AGP is too old and upgrade to PCIe if you want a new graphics card.

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