Should the next Worms game be 2D?

My favorite game of all time is Worms Armageddon. Released in 1999, it fit on a CD, didn’t need more than a 100MHz processor and 32MB of RAM, and was pure fun. It was a different level of fun from today’s games.

You didn’t need to be good at reflexes, good at aiming, or have a good computer. It was a simple turn based 2D strategy game with about 50 crazy weapons and a team of worms. You fought against the computer, against a friend, or online against others. It was simple, and that made it so much more fun.

If you haven’t played Worms, I suggest you try out one of the demos. You will see that the latest Worms titles for PC are 3D. The first 3D Worms game was, well, Worms 3D. It was a huge change from the classic, simple 2D gameplay of previous Worms games. I however enjoyed the 2D Worms games more. The 3D ones are fun and look much better, but the classic simplicity of Worms games such as Worms Armageddon is lacking.

Previous Worms games have been released within one or two years of each other. However, there hasn’t been a new Worms game for the PC in three years. I spoke with the Design Manager at Team 17, the developer of the Worms series. He said that Team 17 is working on “some exciting things” for PC. I also asked if Team 17 would consider making another 2D Worms game for PC, to which the answer was “yes”. I am glad to hear this, as I personally would love to see a new Worms game on the PC with updated graphics and more weapons, yet still in the classic and simple two dimensions.

Did you like the 2D or 3D Worms games more? Do you think the next version of Worms for PC should be 2D? Comment below.

7 thoughts on “Should the next Worms game be 2D?

  1. OMG. I was talking about this just the other day…

    Worms 2D is a far more simple and enjoyable game in my opinion and the 3D version simply loses touch with the original… Lets hope to god theres a new 2d version coming out…

  2. I much much much prefer worms 3-d. I think its hilarious and it just has more variables to play with in 3 dimensions. I also think it would be kick-ass if they would work on a new 3-d worms but with better physics and graphics. I think a realistic physics engine would add so much to the game.

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