Firefox 3 Release Candidate 2 Out Now

Mozilla has just released Firefox 3 RC 2 today. This will supposedly be the last version of Release Candidates for Firefox 3 that will be released before the final version.

Release Candidate 2 has fixed the major bugs that were seen in RC1. If no major bugs are found in Firefox 3 RC2, it will become Firefox 3.0 (final).

It is good to see that Mozilla won’t be rushing the release of Firefox 3, and will take the time it needs to iron out the bugs in the release candidates. This should make the final version of Firefox 3 as bug-free as possible.

Now all that’s left for me to make the switch to Firefox 3 is plugin compatibility. That’s the plugin creators’ problem. So a word to any plugin creators – update your plugins to work with Firefox 3 so everyone can download Firefox when it’s released.

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