Camping is a legitimate strategy

Camping in first person shooter games is a legitimate strategy. I don’t know why so many people dislike it. I am not a full time camper, but I still think there is nothing wrong with it.

Let’s take into account Counter Strike Source. You are down to 20 health, 75% of the opposing team is dead, and 50% of your team is alive. Why rush and get yourself killed when you can camp it out and then continue rushing next round? It doesn’t make sense, and it will only ruin your kill to death ratio.

If you’re sniping, camping might be your only option. You can’t do close combat with a scout or AWP, so you must camp across the map. Same thing in Team Fortress 2 and other first person shooter games.

The only situation where I think camping is completely wrong is when you’re one of the last people left on your team. Even if you are sniping or are low on health, in this situation you have to stop camping. Making people wait for you to die or to kill the last guy is annoying and will even get you banned in most servers. Don’t camp if you’re holding up the game for the rest of the team, even if it means you having a high chance of getting killed.

Camping is actually harder than most people think. When you get a few kills camping in the same location, the other team will know you’re camping there and will kill you. You have to constantly find new strategic spots to camp. Camping does take skill, unlike most people think.

I think it is wrong for admins to ban campers if they’re camping legitimately. If they’re holding up the team, they can get warned or kicked. But don’t hate on campers just because they frequently kill you.

Again, I am not a camper and I don’t camp. I play low gravity gungame 99% of the time, so camping isn’t even an option. But in some maps and in some situations, it is the only option. So either learn to camp right, learn to take out campers, or don’t trash talk and ban the campers.

Monitor your website’s uptime and downtime

I have been using to monitor my websites for downtime. I find this service to be very useful because lately my site has been experiencing some downtime, so I might be switching hosts. With Site Uptime I can see exactly when my site goes down and comes back online. I can also configure it to send me an email when my site goes down or comes back up.

You can get a free account from Site Uptime that will test your site every 30 or 60 minutes and send you an email when it goes down and back up. For only a couple dollars a month, you can also receive detailed graphs and statistics on your site, as well as have your site checked up to every 5 minutes. With a free account you can track only one site, but with one of the paid accounts you can track more. You also get a lot of other features. I highly recommend getting a paid account because it’s cheap and has so many features.

This tool can save you a lot of money because if your website is down, you can’t make any money from it. Site Uptime will show you if this happens, and if it happens frequently you should maybe get a different host. So sign up with Site Uptime now!

Team Fortress 2 Gold Rush Review

Recently the Gold Rush update was rolled out for Team Fortress 2. I spent most of my free time today playing it, so here is my quick review on it. But before that, if you don’t have Team Fortress 2, you can play the full game for free this weekend.

Gold Rush is a new map and gameplay type in which you have to stand around a cart and move it along the tracks. The more teammates standing near the cart, the faster it moves to each checkpoint on the tracks. The other team is defending. Players on the attacking team need to be constantly pushing the cart forward to keep it from automatically moving backwards – after 30 seconds it starts moving backwards.

Since the object of Gold Rush is to stand around the cart while the defending team is attacking you, it sure sounds like the attacking team would always be made up almost entirely of heavys. I thought this too at first, but actually it’s not like that at all. I played as a sniper most of the time, and I had a score of 183, being the highest on my team and the second highest of both teams. Even if your team is attacking, you can stand a good ways behind the cart and snipe the defenders.

A heavy teamed up with a medic is how the cart is moved forward most of the time. The thing about Gold Rush is that the whole opposing team is attacking a single area. If you camp, you won’t move the cart forward. And if you’re defending, you know where the attackers are going to come from by looking at the tracks. This is about the only thing wrong with Gold Rush though – everything else is gold (no pun intended).

I played a couple of rounds as each class, and I can say that each class can be useful in Gold Rush. A couple of good spies can be extremely useful. You can go invisible and sneak through the line of fire and go behind the other team. The other team is facing one way the whole time, so if you get behind them you can get a few stabs before being shot.

The engineer becomes very useful to set up turrets along the track, if you’re defending. Once again, since there is only one track, you know where the main group of attackers are going to come from. Placing a turret after a turn can get you a nice number of kills.

Medics are absolutely necessary when moving the cart in TF2 Gold Rush. The cart gets attacked very heavily when moved, and without a few medics the whole team can be destroyed with a couple of stickies from an opposing demoman along the tracks. This is good though, as now maybe someone will have a chance of actually unlocking the almost impossible medic achievements that just came out.

The one class that I would say is almost completely useless in Gold Rush though is the scout. When attacking, scouts get destroyed by explosions. When defending, well.. you can’t really defend with a scout. Gold Rush is for the heavy classes such as demoman, heavy, soldier, etc. Scouts are for close up combat, but they just can’t survive the bombardment of rockets, stickies, and heavy fire flying at them.

In conclusion Team Fortress 2 Gold Rush is an extremely fun new map and gametype. Although I have only played it for one day, I think I can say it is the best map and gameplay in Team Fortress 2. The fun level is just off the charts. So go play it now if you have Team Fortress 2, and if you don’t, either buy it or play this weekend for free. – what do you want to read today? is not just your average social media website. Usually, social media websites just allow you to vote on which story is interesting for you. But 42 Topics does a lot more than that. At 42 Topics, the stories you like and dislike are tracked and recorded. Then when new stories are submitted, the system compares them to the ones you have liked or disliked before. That way you get to see the stories which you will surely like. 42 Topics is a very sophisticated social media network. It has more features than most popular social news sites, such as creating your own topics and tagging stories you find.

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42 Topics is a very interesting website. I think it has the potential to be much better than the current top social media websites. All it needs is a bigger community so there can be more topic voting going around. So what are you waiting for? Check out right now and sign up!

Make GTA San Andreas Look More Like GTA IV

Although Grand Theft Auto IV is out, many people won’t be able to play it because they don’t own an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3. So for those of us with a PC version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, here are some mods that will make it look more like Grand Theft Auto IV.

You might need a good computer to run some of these mods, as they use much higher quality textures. I have an 8800GTS, 4GB of memory, and a Core 2 Duo processor, yet the game still lags a bit for me when in heavy fog in a crowded area with all graphical settings turned to maximum.

Be careful when modding your game, as it might corrupt your install. If anything gets corrupted, you will probably just have to reinstall, but you might lose your saved games. You are on your own when installing mods, and I am not responsible for any data loss that you may cause.

San Andreas Retextured 3

This mod includes textures for most everything in San Andreas. It also includes some new sounds for the weapons and high resolution weapon textures. I wasn’t able to test out the car quality and sounds as I have custom cars already installed. This mod left my previous modded cars untouched. This is one of the best mods because it is so detailed. Train tracks look photo realistic in San Fierro, and the textures everywhere are very high quality and high resolution. The new weapon sounds are more realistic too, and the weapon skins are great. Download this mod here.

San Andreas Multiplayer

This is a well known mod that gives San Andreas a multiplayer option. SA-MP, in short, lets you play with up to 200 people from anywhere in the world. There are several fun game types. This mod has been a little buggy for me, but it’s still a ton of fun. But the amazing thing is you get all of this in just around 3.5MB – now that’s some great coding! Download this mod here.

10x Draw Distance

This mod increases the draw distance ten times. Pretty self explanatory. This makes the game more realistic. This one will really slow down your system, especially if you’re flying in the clouds. Download this mod here.

Individual skins for vehicles, aircraft, buildings, and everything else

You can skin each car, boat, airplane, helicopter, person, building, and just about everything else in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Check out The GTA Place for hundreds of individual skins.

These mods will greatly increase the visual quality of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Of course it still won’t be like GTA IV since it has new physics, a new city, and many more new features, but at least now you won’t have to cringe when looking at the terrible (by today’s standards) graphics in San Andreas.

If you know of any other good GTA San Andreas mods, post them below.