The Planet Datacenter is on fire, all servers are down

The Planet Datacenter has caught fire today, taking thousands of websites down.

ASE Adnet, the sole advertisement provider for Wordplop, is one of the many websites that are down because of the fire that happened less than an hour ago.

The phone number on The Planet’s website leads to an auto recording stating that a transformer caught fire. The fire department has told them to shut down all power, including all generators and backup power. The Planet says no networking gear was harmed, so it sounds like all the servers should be fine unless the smoke got to them.

There is no ETA on when the entire datacenter, which is located in Houston, Texas, will be back up.

UPDATE: The Planet has confirmed that no servers were damaged. The cause of the fire appears to be an explosion that was caused by a short in some electrical equipment. The explosion took out 3 walls in the building. The Planet says some servers will be back up by tomorrow afternoon.

UPDATE 2: Entrecard is down because of the outage.

UPDATE 6-1-08 10PM PST: Servers still down, The Planet now says they will try to bring back service by Monday night. Conspiracy theories are already on the rise, and some believe this is a cover up for a government search of the servers. Refer to the comments below. Websites continue to lose thousands of dollars.

UPDATE 6-2-08 12PM PST: Looks like most servers are back up now, even though some are having problems. So I guess all servers will be back up in a few hours. This will be the last update then.

11 thoughts on “The Planet Datacenter is on fire, all servers are down

  1. some other forums are also claiming it could be a cover up, saying that they could have been served a warrant to search servers.

    if this is true why are there no photos posted anywhere, or have i missed them?

  2. @ jason:

    what reason do they have to believe it’s a cover up? There are always these crazy people who will think of anything as a conspiracy theory… I mean, it’s possible, but what are the chances?

  3. I have been following the Planet Servers problem all day as I have a lot riding on this problem, both time and money. At first quite a few customers were posting their concern and distrust on the Planet forums pages. THEN the Planet began to Moderate the pages to prevent negative postings. THEN suspicious One Hour old Newbie Accounts started springing up posting unbelievable PRAISE for the service. OBVIOUSLY Employees and Family of the company. THEN the Planet started to sanitize the previous negative postings.

    The first postings by the One in Charge at first said it will be resolved in 2 hours, Then another 3 hours, Then by Sunday Morning, Then by 10:00am Sunday, then by 4:00pm for certain THEN they promised to power up at 5:00pm on Sunday and report status, NOTHING Reported until 7:30 THEN they say WELL Monday During the day everything should be up and running again Monday night for certain. LIES LIES LIES.

    They claim that only one of 4 data centers is affected HOWEVER, the forums server is running VERY SLOWLY to the point it takes pages several minutes to load. GEE they couldn’t send out an RSS feed from one of the other Supposed UP AND RUNNING four Locations so we could get updates? How HELPLESS ARE THESE MONKEYS? Do you know the error page that comes up on an Error Page that says they have dispatched the army of Wrench Toting Monkeys? This is where the Monkeys get their training!!!

    They couldn’t get a FREE GOOGLE BLOGGER ACCOUNT and create a feed with FEEDBURNER like any twelve year old could do in 5 minutes to give us real time updates?? Or move the forum to a server better than an IMB 286 PC level of Service? Oh No, SOME great Customer Service!! It’s Sunday at 10:00pm go to the Forums and the few hundred people online have bogged down the system to 1992 Dial-up Speeds.

    WHAT”S UP WITH THAT? No Real Updates, Lame Excuses, Cutting off Communication, Deleting Concerned Messages. NOW go to the web pages that are actually SELLING the services of “The Planet” They load like Lighting. Read the Description about just how FIREPROOF their system is.

    One of their own FORUM MODERATORS said it best. “Well Even I have a backup for my website outside the company. You really need to contract with another vendor for a backup in case something happens like this”. You shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. But there own website PRAISES how they are your PERFECT choice for primary AND backup service.

    They might be SANITIZING their own forums of comments, but they will have all these postings to live with forever.


  4. This is Aron From ASE Adnet.

    It very well could be a cover up. There are no pictures that I have found… ThePlanet is doing its worst in keeping its customers informed.

    They have given no ETR or an ETA on when they’ll have an ETR. That’s pretty insane if you ask me.

    In short, ThePlanet is not only causing people like me to suffer (direct customer), but all my publishers are suffering as well due to this. Wordplop is one of them.

    This outage is huge and really shouldn’t have happened. ThePlanet is too busy about marketing that real datacenter setup.

    I’m already going over how to geographically setup redundant servers so this won’t happen again.

  5. This outage at The Planet wound up affecting Entrecard, a popular traffic building and social network community for bloggers. The site was offline for a little over 24 hours on Saturday and Sunday.

    Fortunately, it looks like Entrecard is back up and functioning pretty well now, so it seems that the outage has simply given us a one-day vacation from our dropping routines. For me this was a welcome break because I managed to log in shortly after the site came back online and was able to scoop up some relatively inexpensive advertising deals.

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