Why gaming laptops are useless

Why do so many people buy gaming laptops? It doesn’t make any sense because laptops aren’t meant for gaming. Laptops are supposed to be lightweight and for doing things on the go. Gaming laptops are useless, and here’s why.

Gaming laptops are very heavy. They usually weigh around 10 pounds, while normal laptops weigh around three pounds. They’re also big and bulky. I wouldn’t want to carry around a gaming laptop in my backpack. It’s just inconvenient to have a heavy laptop.

A terrible battery life makes a laptop pointless. If you’re going to be gaming on it without it being plugged in, it won’t last more than an hour if you have a new laptop, especially with dual graphics cards. Laptops are for portability, and they become useless if the battery life is so low.

Gaming laptops produce a lot of heat. While normal laptops get very hot, I can still usually put one on my lap for an hour. After all, it is called a laptop. However, gaming laptops get so hot you will need a surface with fans blowing at the laptop if you don’t want it to overheat while gaming. Again, if it has dual video cards, it will produce a lot more heat, will weigh more, and will drain the battery more. SLI just doesn’t belong in a laptop.

Another factor is price. A gaming laptop will run you about $1500 or higher. A normal laptop will cost you $700 or higher. And here’s the thing – you can buy a desktop for $700 that will have better parts and will be faster and better at gaming than the $1500 laptop. So there is absolutely no point.

Laptops are for word processing, bringing on trips to stay connected on chat or email, and things like that. They were never meant for gaming. If you’re looking to buy a gaming laptop, do yourself a favor and get a desktop instead, and use the money you saved for buying a normal laptop.

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  1. completely agree. i think it’s stupid when people buy gaming laptops. for the same price, you can buy a desktop with better specs. laptops cost more than desktops in general. also, the screens are smaller, keyboard are more awkward, etc.

  2. Gaming laptops would be cool if they worked. Picture a home with 3 teenage boys all of whom want to be able to play their games. Desktops require 3 separate desks and fixed locations. Laptops can be used anywhere, anytime. Much better solution for the average home. Again, only if they worked. I didn’t know it until it was too late. Have managed using a tabletop fan sitting behind the laptop blowing air into the back of it – that and having my son wear a sweatshirt when he plays to handle the cold air 🙂

    I blame Gateway for using a high-end video card that overheats 15 minutes into a high-end game that actually uses the card’s features and then marketing it as a gamer. If it can’t handle the heat, they should eat the cost, but when I used that argument on them, they could suddenly only speak Hindi.

  3. The idea is for LAN parties, do u like carrying ur monitor, pc, keyboard, mouse, headset and wat ever alse or would u rather a laptop. Do LAN’s and u will see. Anyway our technology has increased that we “increase power in smaller units”. Im sure gaming or powerful laptops will become lighter

    This comment has been edited to remove signs of retardation.

  4. I totally disagree! Gaming laptops are the most advance laptop in the world. It can do anything a normal laptop can do. Sure it weighs more, but that’s because a normal laptop only have the lowest components. It can only play solitaire or freecell games which is way too boring even for a 5 year old. But the real reason why some people dont want a gaming laptop is because they dont have the money! And they’re stuck on having the lamest laptop money can buy. So get over it! Co’z the GAMES over!

  5. I totally disagree! That is what you call “Versatility”. As technology develops, of course, laptops will evolve and will have all the performance needed for gaming. If not, we will all get stucked into boring laptops forever and no one will want a boring laptop. Boys/Men, usually buy Gaming laptops because a woman is so weak to carry it around. They are the useless once. They are to blame and I hate their nagging. Gaming laptops are the most advanced laptops in the world. It can do anything a normal laptop can do. So Gaming laptops is the way to go. (PERIOD). Games over.

  6. @ Chamberlain

    First, I don’t know why you wrote so many comments restating the same fact. Second, have you considered that not everyone wants to play video games? There are plenty of people who just need laptops to take to class or to work. Those laptops are meant for work, not games. And it’s not because of money, because smaller laptops cost more. A lot of people would rather have a smaller laptop for the additional cost instead of a gaming laptop. So basically everything you’re saying is wrong.

  7. I’m in disagreement, I bought the biggest and bulkiest gaming laptop back in 2005, it was the best at the time, I would always bring it on trips and provide hours of halo, oblivion, cs, and grand theft auto,

    until this loser I used to know broke into my house and stole it, I will be getting one later soon though, you just can’t go wrong.

  8. This is really funny because i have always thought that if it isn’t a gaming laptop its useless. because most laptops are usually way to weak to even run vista correctly unless it is a gaming laptop with a fatter juicer processor and better ram. if all you do is check your email and write pointless articles that everyone knows are false, go but a netbook their a lot cheaper than your $700 laptop and weight like 2 pounds that should help you out because 10 pounds sounds like way to much for you to carry. But if you want a laptop with some balls, that can take anything you throw at it even if you want to call it work or not. i would say go for the gaming laptop. Btw my hp multimedia laptop which cost around 1000 weighs more and runs hotter than my asus gaming laptop which weighs 7 pounds and cost 1000. i have had all types of laptops and the ones that seem to work the best for me are gaming laptops. i also bought a gateway not long ago for 659 to use as a little check your email and go on facebook type deal and it is about the same size as my asus. the only difference is that i can actually do things on my asus with out all the lockups. overall gaming laptops are better, and “work” laptops are just crappy watered down versions of them.

  9. @ mason: you completely missed the point. Of course they’ll be more powerful, but that comes at the expense of battery life and portability. If you don’t care about carrying 10 pounds that’s fine, but the battery life is the important thing here. If you want to take it anywhere you have to take the charger, which goes against portability.

    P.S. I did get a netbook.

  10. where do you get your statistics?
    if you hadn’t noticed all the advances in laptop technologies are based on gaming because it is so popular. I agree with mason on this one, the name of this article should be why gaming laptops are useless to me.

  11. why a gaming labtop ill tell you why because with a gaming labtop you can go house to house with an amazingly fast comp yes the battery life sucks but when do u need to use the battery i take mine from my house to my dads house in idaho on a plane and plug up there. desktops are not convient you cant get them on a plane and to hard to move and also to many peices this dude who rote this dont get a gaming labtop is a moron and does not understand what he is saying so go buy one there great for on the go

  12. Although I agree with this article, I’d say that the main factor why gaming laptops are useless to ME is cost and value/bang-for-buck.

    You pay more for convenience. Along with convenience comes obstacles/side effects like extra heat and added weight/size.

    If you have the money to spend, go ahead and buy a gaming laptop.

  13. Wow… This is such a biased article its retarded. People buy gaming laptops for the portability of having a high end gaming system which would rival a desktop with the portability of a laptop. It may be heavy but would you wanna lug your Desktop, monitor and all other accessories to a LAN party? Or would you rather toss your gaming laptop in the bag and be in the go. Its all about preference if you want a laptop that you can jump on and surf the web at any time, then by any means go out and buy your net book. But don’t diss Gaming laptops because they don’t suite your needs. I love my gaming laptop because I’m always on the go and playing games is a hobby I love. When I can pull my laptop out and my friends house and go to work at some Call of Duty and get a beautiful 50 fps. Lets see your note book do that. Don’t hate because they made a line of laptops suited for gamers when your not a gamer.

  14. Wow! First, not all gaming laptops are that big. I do agree, they cost alot, heat faster, and I understand why you say that, but now a day’s gaming laptops are made for gaming on trips, yes, but for more where you TRAVEL! Lets say you are going on a two day trip on a train to visit a relative. There are plugins on the train. There are probably also plugins at your relatives house. You guys just aren’t smart enough to realize that!

  15. I disagree …dude u want a light small laptop for gaming ??? check the sony vaio i have assassins creed brother hood on it along with battlefield 2 battlefield bad company 1/2 and batman arckam city!!! its not about the weight or look ITS ABOUT WHATS INSIDE!!!!!!!

  16. Sure, a gaming laptop gets hot (thats why u buy a chill-mat) duh… And sure, battery life isint the greatest (thats why u have a bck-up, car charger and plug it in when u able. Believe it or not, about the only place u wont find a outlet to plug into is underwater or in the woods LOL. Weight isint that much of an issue… Sager has some sweet builds that are under 5# though there are some heavy ones out there ie Alienwares M18x (almost deckedout) is ~12#. Seriously, the farthest you may need to carry it is from the drop-off to the plane. Geez, do some pull-ups and try lifting something heavier than your pen. And last but not least…Ive been building comps since 2000 and IMHO, if you honestly think that you can just go out and (with $700.) buy a nice gaming desk top that will be better in all respects, ur wrong. Even if u try to do a self- build $700. is barely going to cover the MB, CPU, Vid-card and MABEY a few 12cm fans. Forget about the case, hd, dvd, os, psu, mouse/kb ect. Average build cost for all the rigs Ive built is close to $2000+. A nice gaming laptop starts close to that. Sure, u can go all out and get add ons and crank it up to $6000+ real fast but hey, its not ur money, right? Not quite sure why ur so jaded aginst them but this article was just as inaccurate as it was bias. :/

  17. @ Sowien – Maybe you live in a different country, but in the U.S. if you’re paying $2k for parts to build it yourself, you are either making over-the-top builds because you’re rich, or you’re getting ripped off. My $700 system has lasted four years, and with a recent $100 upgrade, can now play any new game completely maxed out. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Also, the way you spell things tells me you’re not even old enough to buy yourself a computer.

  18. I hace to dissagree, being a student at the art institute of seattle im constently on the move, i have a m17x gaming computer yes i paid good money for it and its all worth it, best fast parts and lots of memery too, i use my gaming laptop for photography and playing games like bf, apb ect. its always with me. You may be right of the fact that desktops are better somewhat but gamimg laptop may be heavy but better then top manufacture

  19. I completely agree with you. I’ve had my laptop for 5 years now, and it was high end then; could play all games without a stutter or lag. Now the new games require more cpu speed and higher graphics rate. I was able to upgrade my graphics to 512 mb. (whoopy ti doo), but couldn’t do anything with the cpu(2.0gb). And if I could,I wouldn’t. It’ll get too damn hot. I look at all the so called gaming laptops out there, and none of the cpu’s get close to 3.0 gb. Which is what you need to play these new games, which require more ccpu speed and at least 1 gb. of gpu. IMO laptops can’t handle these new games out here.

  20. With the release of the 17.3-inch P370EM high-performance gaming-notebook from Clevo for 2012, this article is just biased and doesn’t take into account the efficiency between desktops and laptops. You can now buy a gaming notebook as low as $2,349.99 USD from XoticPC’s website, and equip it an i7-3630QM (45W TDP compared to an i7-2500K’s 77W TDP) with dual GTX 680Ms (each one equates to an underclocked, desktop GTX 670; GTX 680M has a 100W TDP compared to the GTX 670’s 195W TDP). And it will score just over 10,000 points in 3DMark11 with SLI enabled, which is just as good as any good gaming-desktop, even though it’s going to be more expensive, but it will consume less power.

    Notebooks get less performance per dollar but more performance per watt, while desktops get more performance per dollar but less performance per watt. This is just something you have to deal with, it’s never going to change as long as manufacturers try to fit as much processing power into a small form factor as compared to a desktop machine.

  21. Simple as this: modern gaming laptops are as competent as desktops. You might be happy being indoors all the time, but some of us have lives (friends and family to visit), not to mention the fact that we don’t want to have to be stuck in the same room.

    Much more importantly, why the fuck cares? If we want to buy gaming laptops because we can afford them, what’s your problem with that? You clearly use a desktop – fine, no problem with that. I have one myself, however, now that gaming laptops are pretty much on part with desktops (Alienware 18 bitches 😀 ), why should I restrict myself to a single room or a single building.

    Haswell, 700 series Nvidia in sli and 32gb of ram – that’s ps4 territory and beyond… bitch.

  22. wow I bet you guys didn’t even check the date when this has been posted …. complaining and some more complaining, duh buy glasses please ^^

  23. If you dont game, then why get a gaming laptop anyway? If your a gamer, i reccomend a gaming laptop, if you dont game much, stick with a regular laptop. End of story. worldplop, if you dont like that gaming laptop, resell it. i really think that you are wrong worldplop. I reccomend for you to check your facts, and get your opinion straight. Make sure you know both sides.

  24. “If you’re looking to buy a gaming laptop, do yourself a favor and get a desktop instead, and use the money you saved for buying a normal laptop”

    seriously?….you’ll end up spending more dumb ass… isn’t it more practical to just buy 1 computer instead of 2?….

  25. Hey, you may have been right back then, but times have changed LOL. Fast-foward to 2014-2015, about 6-7 years in the future to when you wrote this article, and you now have gaming laptops that are less than 5 lbs. In fact, the newest Razor Blade is 3 point something pounds, and slimmer than hordes of non-gaming laptops. Lenovo Y40 and Y50 are both 0.9 inches thick and only 4.7-5.2 lbs while being 14 – 15.6 inches. Both have battery lives above 3-4 hours. The Y40 can easily last up to 6-7 hours and even longer with upgrades. Indeed, times have changed.

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