Chinese knock-off cars – maybe you should just walk instead

Now, you can buy a Chinese made BMW for $5,000! Simple as that? No. As China continues to expand its market, selling things like appliances, shoes, and shirts, Chinese cars are also beginning to appear in the world market. Chinese cars aren’t much better than fake iPods and cell phones that are also made in China. Chinese brands like Chery Automobile, BYD, and Great Wall Motor Company (GWM) are copying major car manufacturers like Toyota, BMW, and General Motors (GM). Chinese engineers can now reverse-engineer established car manufacturers’ cars so well that an average consumer couldn’t really even tell the difference between a knock-off Chinese car, and its original counterpart.

Knock-off Chinese cars are built below the world standard. They fail crash tests miserably; many Chinese cars get a score of one star. Mechanically, they don’t last very long because they are “reverse-engineered;” they are not designed the same way that the engineers of the original non-knock-off cars designed their cars. It is also hard to find specific parts for Chinese automobiles since they are not widely used in the USA yet. For the price of a summer job’s pay, who wouldn’t want drive around in a brand new Chinese car with leather seats made to look like a BMW? I know I wouldn’t.

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  1. When I was shopping online for my last car I went to 9 different websites to compare prices. I found the lowest price at

  2. Well, the problem with Chinese cars is that they are made by the U.S.’s mortal enemy. China is a criminal state. It allows child molestation in 22 of its 345 provinces. China is a f***ed up country with asspigs for leaders.

    Okay not really, but it does suck and lie and cheat.

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  3. It is sad that they have to copy someones design that they thought up – make it for jack shit ( slave labour ) and profit from an idea which is NOT theirs…. What do you think?

  4. ha kia looks benz honda looks like a caddy cts a lot of cars look a like.. even S&R builds car that look like other cars. china isn’t the first…………one thing for sure their scooters look like honda but they only start when your are at the dealer because when you get the thing home it will never run again.

  5. I agree that China is definitely full of screwed up laws that promote not only incredible amounts of piracy on huge scales and human rights violations, but let’s not forget that America and most European nations have amassed huge fortunes and lead the world in industry because of slavery and genocide. What China is doing now is probably on par with what America was doing in it’s early stages… only now we have the ability to broadcast information and so we see it happening instead of reading about it way after the fact.

  6. yea its f***ed up but you cant knock the hustle.America isn’t no better our govenmentare the real gangsters/mob they lie cheat and steal also its a fucked up world we living in and it will never change. adapt and get money! peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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