Camping is a legitimate strategy

Camping in first person shooter games is a legitimate strategy. I don’t know why so many people dislike it. I am not a full time camper, but I still think there is nothing wrong with it.

Let’s take into account Counter Strike Source. You are down to 20 health, 75% of the opposing team is dead, and 50% of your team is alive. Why rush and get yourself killed when you can camp it out and then continue rushing next round? It doesn’t make sense, and it will only ruin your kill to death ratio.

If you’re sniping, camping might be your only option. You can’t do close combat with a scout or AWP, so you must camp across the map. Same thing in Team Fortress 2 and other first person shooter games.

The only situation where I think camping is completely wrong is when you’re one of the last people left on your team. Even if you are sniping or are low on health, in this situation you have to stop camping. Making people wait for you to die or to kill the last guy is annoying and will even get you banned in most servers. Don’t camp if you’re holding up the game for the rest of the team, even if it means you having a high chance of getting killed.

Camping is actually harder than most people think. When you get a few kills camping in the same location, the other team will know you’re camping there and will kill you. You have to constantly find new strategic spots to camp. Camping does take skill, unlike most people think.

I think it is wrong for admins to ban campers if they’re camping legitimately. If they’re holding up the team, they can get warned or kicked. But don’t hate on campers just because they frequently kill you.

Again, I am not a camper and I don’t camp. I play low gravity gungame 99% of the time, so camping isn’t even an option. But in some maps and in some situations, it is the only option. So either learn to camp right, learn to take out campers, or don’t trash talk and ban the campers.

3 thoughts on “Camping is a legitimate strategy

  1. As an avid camper (in real life, not videogames) and an avid gamer, I have often wondered about bringing laptops camping to play the games up in the woods. Sounds crazy? It would be a way to combine my two favorite pastimes. But the dust and smoke all my gear gets makes me thing I ought not bring my laptop. Advice?

  2. @ TheCampingTipster:

    Your laptop should be fine as long as you keep it away from the dust and smoke. Just keep it in a laptop bag in a safe place, and when you’re gaming keep it on a level surface. A little smoke shouldn’t hurt it if it’s well-ventilated.

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