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42Topics.com is not just your average social media website. Usually, social media websites just allow you to vote on which story is interesting for you. But 42 Topics does a lot more than that. At 42 Topics, the stories you like and dislike are tracked and recorded. Then when new stories are submitted, the system compares them to the ones you have liked or disliked before. That way you get to see the stories which you will surely like. 42 Topics is a very sophisticated social media network. It has more features than most popular social news sites, such as creating your own topics and tagging stories you find.

An interesting fact about 42 Topics is that currently there aren’t 42 topics. However there are topics about humor, pictures, programming, sports, startups, SEO, environment, Django, India, and a topic called 42ndtopic. Since there is such a wide range of topics about different subjects, 42 Topics is a place where everyone could go to get their daily dose of news or just interesting stories.

The humor section is hilarious. I found many funny submissions there, such as this picture called The Best Deal in Vegas. The SEO section has some very interesting news regarding SEO. I found this particular article about How Much a Top Google Ranking is Worth to Your Business interesting and bringing up some very good points.

The programming topics section is one I personally will be checking often since I am a programmer. This section features topics from useful tips about programming, to programming jokes to get you through your work day. Here is an awesome topic I found that shows a CSS animated Homer. This is definitely the coolest CSS drawing I have ever found. To those of you who do not understand this one, simply put it is a drawing made of CSS code. The programming section on 42 Topics also has coding tutorials, tips, and tricks.

Another favorite section of mine on 42 Topics is the SEO section. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means designing your web pages to rank high in search engines. I have found some great tips about aspects of SEO here that will surely help me out with my own blogs and websites. I also found some interesting topics about Twitter. I have considered marketing with Twitter before, but now thanks to 42 Topics I will probably do something with it now instead of putting it off continuously.

If by now you are wondering what the 42ndtopic section is, it is like a mixup of the other various sections. 42 Topic claims this is the coolest section of them all. I can say this is fairly true, because I just found out thanks to browsing this section that the iPhone is now the most popular camera phone.

42 Topics is a very interesting website. I think it has the potential to be much better than the current top social media websites. All it needs is a bigger community so there can be more topic voting going around. So what are you waiting for? Check out 42Topics.com right now and sign up!

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