Why some people hate Vista

Many people don’t like Vista. They have given it a bad reputation online, which has spread into the real world to the point where people I know say Vista sucks “because it does”. There has been a lot of misinformation about Vista online. I believe these are the top reasons why.


People have been telling their friends and family that Vista sucks because they’ve read about it somewhere. Yet these people have never tried it for themselves, or have had one or some of the experiences below. Then they go and say bad things about Vista, based on no facts.

Tried it at first, didn’t like it

The key word here is “at first”. When Vista first came out, it did actually suck. It was buggy, lots of software and hardware didn’t work. Then a few months went by, and updates were rolling out periodically. After about 6 months on the market is when I’d say Vista became stable, quick, and the way it should be. But these people that only tried it near release refused to try it again after these 6 months or even a year have went by. Then they go and spread the rumors that it still sucks.

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