Why Blu-ray prices won’t go down anytime soon

Ever since HD-DVD lost the format war a few months ago, Blu-ray prices have been on the rise. Right now isn’t a good time to buy a new Blu-ray player, and prices won’t be dropping any time soon. When it was announced that Blu-ray was the winner of the high def format war, Blu-ray prices immediately started to climb.

Blu-ray prices won’t be going down anytime soon because now there is no competing high definition format. Blu-ray has no competition, which also means the Blu-ray distributing companies have no reason to drop their prices. And prices will probably continue to rise.

There is a sort of monopoly in the high def media market right now. The prices will most likely continue to stay high or rise in the following year. Right now isn’t a great time to buy a new home media system with Blu-ray. If you want to go high def right now, I recommend a Playstation 3 as your Blu-ray player. It seems to be the best choice regarding value for price right now. The dedicated Blu-ray players do show higher quality, but the price makes them not worth your money.

As more companies will be licensing Blu-ray technology and creating Blu-ray players, the prices will start going down. But that won’t happen for another year, as new versions of Blu-ray are currently being introduced. So if you are looking for a Blu-ray player right now, either get a Playstation 3 or wait it out. If you have the money you can get a dedicated Blu-ray player, but Blu-ray is being revised right now with new versions. I myself will be waiting at least a year to get a Blu-ray player.

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