What will PC gamers be doing during GTA IV’s release?

As midnight approaches today, April 28th, I am wishing more and more that I had a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. So now I am wondering – what will all the PC gamers that don’t own current generation consoles be doing tomorrow (or in some parts of the world, today)? I’m sure not many people will go out and buy a console just for one game, but I do know some people that will. Grand Theft Auto IV is one of those games that will make some people buy a console just to play it.

I simply have no choice. I will have to wait it out for the PC version of GTA 4. Hopefully it will come this year, but that will be in anywhere from four to eight or more months of waiting. Why does Rockstar have to make the deals with the consoles first? It’s not fair for PC gamers, as they could have easily released GTA 4 for Windows at the same time as consoles.

So what do we PC gamers do now? Watching trailers, reading reviews, and playing on our friends’ consoles is the only choice left. Now sure the PC version is probably going to look a lot better than the console versions and will have a ton of unofficial mods, but is it worth the half year wait? I actually can’t decide that one, since mods have added so much more content and replay value to previous Grand Theft Auto games, such as San Andreas.

And now I am off to find some new mods for my PC version of GTA San Andreas. Meanwhile, for us PC gamers, the GTA 4 storyline will be spoiled in the next half year. We will see thousands of gameplay videos, screenshots, and reviews that will spoil the game. So I’ll just be hoping that the PC version will be much better, like the past PC versions of GTA. Until then, we can only wait.

image from Rockstar Games

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