ASE Adnet Ready for Applications

ASE Adnet is a Cost-Per-Click based content network that is specifically targeted towards web publishers. I have been trying out ASE Adnet here on WordPlop while it was still in its beta stage. Today ASE Adnet is finally ready for applications.

The great thing about ASE Adnet is that you can completely customize the advertisement layout. You can make an ad of any size, using any colors, and placing different parts of the ad – like the product price, image, and store – in different places within the ad box. All you need to have full control of your ads is some CSS knowledge, and if you don’t know CSS, there is always the option for a simple ad customization.

Another great feature of Adnet is the ability to pick which product you specifically want showing your ad. You can search the hundreds of thousands of products on the Products page, and put only the ones you want on your ad.

Payouts are through Paypal, with a minimum payout of only $25. It takes about 30 days to get paid, and a lot of the time it takes less than that. Adnet also has a great click and revenue tracking system which allows you to track each ad individually.

ASE Adnet offers the most customization and features I have seen of any ad network. So far I am extremely pleased with their service. Click here to sign up and try them out – it will cost you absolutely nothing.

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