Getting the right version of Vista

Many people complain that Vista is overpriced and costs $300. Sure some are exaggerating, but most aren’t because they’ve been fed this information either through friends or the internet. The truth is you don’t need Vista Ultimate and you will be much better off with Vista Home Premium.

You can get an OEM version of Vista Home Premium for less than $80 online. This is a relatively low price when compared to Vista Ultimate. Vista Ultimate doesn’t have enough extra features to justify the extra cost for the average user. The only extra feature you get in Vista Ultimate that the average user might be interested in is Ultimate Extras. Microsoft promised to be rolling out Ultimate Extras as soon as Vista came out, but they didn’t. There’s almost nothing being developed for Ultimate Extras, so that is one feature down the drain that some people might have been looking forward to.

I highly recommend purchasing Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit for the best Windows Vista experience, if your computer is compatible with it of course.

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