On-the-fly mouse sensitivity switching

Is on-the-fly sensitivity switching needed for gaming mice? I find it to be a very useful feature. I have a Logitech MX518, which has on-the-fly DPI changing. A lot of people say this is a useless feature. I game almost daily, mostly playing FPS games like Counter Strike Source and Team Fortress 2. I find that it is very useful to be able to switch from high to low sensitivity when sniping or trying to shoot someone from far away.

I like to play at a very high sensitivity setting in Counter Strike Source. I play at 1600DPI, which is full on my MX518, and 4.8 sensitivity in-game. This lets me make about three 360 degree turns while moving my mouse six inches. This is considered very high, and most people like to play on very low sensitivities. But I like it like this because with this setup I do very well in both close combat and sniping, mainly because if I want to get a headshot from across the map, I will quickly switch my mouse to the lowest DPI setting, and proceed to get my headshot.

The MX518 doesn’t need software to enable DPI switching. However you can use Logitech software to change the default DPI settings, but I choose not to as the defaults suit me well. There are three settings, and I use the highest for gaming, lowest for sniping, and middle for Windows.

I find on-the-fly sensitivity switching to be a great and very useful feature, and I definitely will not buy a mouse without it.

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