Is Crysis Forgotten?

Crysis was one of the most over hyped games ever. People were flooding forums with Crysis related talk before the game came out. Everyone was eager for leaked info, footage, screenshots, and anything else that would make their wait easier.

And then Crysis was released. People found out they couldn’t play it on high settings, even if they had the latest hardware. They thought Crytek was kidding when they said computers wouldn’t be able to completely max it out for two or three years.

Now there is no more talk about Crysis. People found they couldn’t make it look as great on their own machines as in the release videos. And Crysis became a tech demo and benchmark. EA claimed sales exceeded their expectations, and while they probably did, I bet it’s not selling many copies anymore.

Crysis singleplayer is boring, and in multiplayer you won’t find a server without any hackers. For me, it’s just a tech demo now; the only fun I get out of it is downloading custom maps people make any playing them, mainly for the physics and graphics. The game makes an incredibly fun tech demo, but I wouldn’t play singleplayer anymore, and multiplayer is doomed. I wouldn’t purchase this game again.

People aren’t talking about it anymore in gaming forums. No one is posting Crysis screenshots anymore, while they’re still posting F.E.A.R., Call of Duty 4, and Battlefield 2 screenshots. Crysis has almost been forgotten by the gaming community.

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