What is Psystar doing with its Open Computer?

If you have been following technology news, you should have heard about Psystar and their Open Computer. They are trying to sell computers with Apple’s OS X operating system preinstalled. The problem with this is that it is against Apple’s EULA to install OS X on any hardware other than Mac hardware.

Psystar knows this, yet they are still selling their Open Computers with OS X preinstalled. Many people are thinking that this is one big scam. Others are thinking they are just trying to get attention. But how do they legally stand when it comes to breaking Apple’s EULA?

I’m not a lawyer, but I think that Psystar is correct in a way. Microsoft is not allowed to bundle its software with hardware, so why should Apple be allowed to bundle its hardware with its software? In a sense, they are creating an OS X monopoly. This is how I understand it. You can only buy OS X if you buy Apple hardware. This does not sound right to me. But what chance does Psystar have against Apple and its lawyers?

If there is a lawsuit, which I’m sure there will be if Psystar actually ships these systems, they might have a chance if they can get some good lawyers. I actually hope they win, as it will mean you won’t have to buy Mac hardware anymore to get OS X. This will bring OS X’s market share up, and people won’t have to waste money on overpriced hardware to get it.

Until someone confirms that they receive a shipment from Psystar of its Open Computer, I will be doubtful of the company. But if they do ship, Apple will sue, and hopefully Psystar will win.

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