Trackmania Nations Forever Review

Crysis isn’t the only game that you won’t be able to max out. Trackmania Nations Forever is the new release of the popular Trackmania Nations games. TmN is a completely free game for the PC. It is an online multiplayer racing game. It features very fast-paced races and excellent graphics.

TmN Forever has a completely new menu interface and will require a new account – normal Trackmania Nations accounts will not work with it. The graphics are slightly better, but still require lots of processing power. I was only able to play on High settings with no AA and opponent cars on medium, no motion blur, no bloom, and 4x anisotropic filtering. The highest settings are Very High with 16x MSAA and Anisotropic filtering. I am not sure if a 9800 can max this game, but my 8800 can’t.

The gameplay seems the same to me, while the website seems to say that physics and some other things are improved. Tracks have improved – you can make more complicated tracks and you can customize them more.

The game is still hard. You need to be very good if you want to come in a high rank on a top server. The top servers have hundreds of people playing on them, so you’re playing with many people at the same time. TmN does a great job of handling ping, as most players have good ping and don’t lag on your screen. If they do, it doesn’t affect you. I am pretty good and on my best run I came in 21st out of about 200 players.

The chat in the big servers is pretty crazy. People swear and insult each other every half second, and there is an unstoppable stream of racial insults. I find it hilarious but some people will find it offensive. If you don’t want to see the ingame chat, you can disable it in the menu.

Overall Trackmania Nations Forever is a very fun game that I recommend you download. It is only around 500MB so there is no reason you shouldn’t give it at try – after all it is free. Click here to download Trackmania Nations Forever from the Trackmania website.

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